Don Capp

Don With Mountain Lion
Don Capp is an avid hunter, master wildlife taxidermy artist, sculptor, carpenter and owner of Capp's Taxidermy Studio LLC. Don has hunted most American,African animals and the world's game, animals. Don has been running a successful, professional taxidermy studio for the past 38 years and has won many state and national competition ribbons in several categories.

Capp's Taxidermy studio LLC is proficient in all forms of wildlife taxidermy artistry and offers a high level of artistic imagination.

Don belongs to many hunting/ wildlife groups and a life member of SCI, NRA.

Don is federal- and state-licensed taxidermy artist plus a USDA APPROVED ESTABLISHMENT.

Big Bull
Don With Bear   Don With Alligator
Curly Horns
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Capp's Taxidermy Studio is the place to take all of your African and American wildlife for artistic taxidermy work of all kinds.