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I would highly recommend go and read part one first, and then come back to part two. Its your choice, but here we go.

The next main killer in the taxidermy world is running out of room. Everybody does this and it doesn’t take very long.

Once you start mounting your game, you have to start considering on how you would like to do them, but also have room for the ones coming up.
It could be yours , your wife’s or could be your kids trophies but you gotta be able to imagine into the future.

Not saying you have to build a giant monster trophy room., Which would be flipping amazing with all the possibilities of being able to fill it but unrealistics we all live in a shoebox of a house and can only put so many in the garage, the shed are the kids playhouse in the backyard and you just have to do whatever the hell you need to do.
I have some amazing clients that they’ll throw out a couch cause they only need one in the front room to make room for pedestal mount or life-size mounts. But that ain’t most people, too bad.

If you are building a trophy room, you have to think in advance on how to build it. and I would highly recommend talking to a taxidermy studio like myself ,Capp’s Taxidermy’s Studio that will give you the ideas you really really need.

So I’d highly recommend only mount the animals that you harvested that have a very special meaning.
Very special memory with you yourself or with a family member.

And that’s all taxidermy really is, is only for the memories. And if you’re doing it for the eagle and you got like bigger problems that you know.
I can sit or walk around all my trophies, and I can remember exactly every detail, the weather, who I was with, how long of a pack out, etc. etc. etc. otherwise you’ll be like me and running out of room ,extremely fast and i have so many more trophies to put up. Some people just take pictures and don’t do anything else with them and that’s their prerogative that sure as hell ain’t mine.

I like being able to see the beauty of the animal.

That’s why most people don’t get a fish mounted, especially like a big trout because they think it’s phony looking, Well, I hate to tell you if you were underwater where they belong and if you were underwater with them, they would think you look like an enormous, strange looking idiot too.

So the best thing I would recommend, considering a pose for your trophies, is to combine them.
Do stacks, which means you could put up to seven critters on one pedestal, depending on the size you just can’t put seven elephants on, unless you have a crane to move them, but that is what I would highly recommend.

If you already have wall mounts that hang on the wall that are basically like deer, you can still make stacks out of them on one pedestal if you can find a talented taxidermist like myself and my studio that could handle a job like that.

You always have options.
Well rounded trophy room should have wall mounts, pedestal mounts that are either stacked or singles, birds, two or more if you’re into that type of hunting, , a couple rugs and boy oh boy rugs should only go on the ceiling if it’s an arched ceiling nobody really uses the ceiling and that is a great place to place real large rugs cause rugs take up a lot and I mean a lot of room because you can’t really throw them on the floor and have some person come in and walk all over him kicking a ear off. oh, what the hell. no ceilings are perfect for that and then of course a couple fish.

If you do fish and you like saltwater fishing, then a big marlin and a sailfish it’s gonna really take up room so if you have tall ceilings , you can slap them right next to the ceiling on the wall.

Then the final piece would be, of course a few European skull mounts that will really enhance your room.

Then, of course, a couple drawings ,pictures or paintings, but they really need to be small.

The next thing is when you are building one make sure the windows are on the north side.

It doesn’t get much sunshine and if there’s windows , Make them small and placed them right down by your knees ,that way you can see out ,you get natural light in, but it does not hurt the taxidermy mount which by the way. cost you A lot of money and if they get sunbleached or bugs, (that’s a whole different subject, and that will be a blog, someday.) they will become worthless.

So take care of these mounts. They are very fragile and please do not be a touchy short of a person that has To be catching something all the time.
If you really wanna preserve them ,keep your hands to yourself and never touch.

Why you ask ,because They are not your damn pet and also it’s really weird but your hands have oil on them and after time that gets on the mount and if it’s North American game hoofed animals have hollow hair, And every time you have to stroke one you break the hair, which is very easy to do , then they will start to shed and will look stupid after time, so please keep your dam hands in your pocket.

If you live in a shoebox you just have to improvise and take my advice because like I said, before taxidermy mounts are great memories and you get to relive them every time you look at an amazing amount.

If you’re only gonna do one or two mounts well, then you wasted your time reading this article, but if you are a type of hunter that likes twins express themselves then think. Oh yeah, by the way ,national average says the average Hunter will have maximum four mounts done in their lifetime. One of course is a deer. Next would be a fish and a bird and then whatever the hell else comes out but only four, really , what the hellI  hate to say this, if that is you get the hell off the couch and go hunting, go enjoy life, life is short and who gives a shit on what people think this is your life not theirs go enjoy it and put stuff up on the wall dude.

Once you die, you will leave these trophies to your family members, yeah I bet some are really happy :) but hopefully they will save some of them, but they can’t save all of them so they’re gonna need to turn around and sell them and I have been asked numerous times.

What are you gonna do? What is your family going to do with all this stuff and believe me I have a lot of items ,when you die, and I basically look at the person And say nicely :), I basically don’t give a shit because they are my memories and I’m dead but I wrote a blog article and scroll down, and you’ll find it’s somewhere in this blog, that basically tells you what to do.

So in closing this long blog article I would highly recommend contacting a true professional, like myself or my studio at www.globalwildlifeartistry.net
To learn how not to run out of room.

Posted on: Monday, March 27, 2023

The following is my opinion on what kills having a person to have taxidermy done more than anything.

First in this 2 part article is procrastination.

And there’s a few causes and stages.

One would be that you take everything for granted, yes you. Some examples of excuses are Oh there are many more where that one came , or I’ll wait till I get a bigger one or one with more color or etc.

For example some people will harvest a mt lion or bear and they are locals in that area and they just have a tan for now, or I’ll just keep it in the freezer it’ll keep, ha ha ,right, out of site, out of mind, you will never commit to mounting the trophy cuz you will always use the excuse of getting a bigger one, then why the hell did you shoot it.
Some people will be under peer pressure from other people to do weird things but really, are you still in high school and care what other’s people think of you , or they shot young predators and think they are saving deer, elk etc, from what, chewing on their legs cuz they sure as hell can’t kill them. If you want trophy sized game you have to eat tags and let the little ones go.

I’m a trophy hunter and dam proud of it cuz my meaning of a trophy hunter is that I only harvest old bigger game,that don’t longer hang with the herd, why, cuz they have almost double the meat on them compared to a 2 pt or a rag bull plus you get a trophy you are dam proud of. Wow, did I drift on that one ????

Another phase is they are nickel and dime people which means they can’t afford to do anything with the item, it’s their mentality, it’s the way they were brought up, scarcity, they live pay check to pay check and never have money to spend but they sure can spend it on their addictions, smokes, booze , new autos etc , etc Here again they are never trying to better themselves, Get a better job, learn more skills, if you want to get rich then you must provide something that other people will pay you for and you must be dam good at it.

These type of people can only have skulls done and they will always boil them themselves, and or if they are thinking of have an item mounted they will try to negotiate with you on the price. I hate to tell you this if this is you but right off the get go most entrepreneurs will be thinking as you are talking that “great , I have a total idiot here and a cheap ass and they will never be happy with anything I do “ and if the entrepreneur is smart he will say no , nicely cuz in the long run this person will come back years later and bite him, take my word on that one .

You get what you pay for

Other phase is the “someday guy” This is the person that goes on a international hunt and once the trophies are shipped back to him , he will get let them sit there in the crate and someday he will get around to getting them done, ha

The main reasons for this is he didn’t think it would cost as much as it did, yes international hunting is pricey but can be budgeted.
Other reason for not committing on doing anything with them is again having other people think for him. Some people, especially for some African antelope think they are homely
he was damn proud when he harvest them but when he started showing people what he has taken over there there’s are always some idiots asking why would you ever shoot something that ugly or the best one I love is why would you go to the corral and shoot a zebra.

Well, I hate to tell you, but these morons Will never travel outside their state to hunt, and God forbid if they paid anybody to do so.

Start thinking for yourself ,I see this so much.

It is so crazy that people are so misunderstood.

I used to bring small antelope to trade shows in my booth like aDuiker or steenbok and I finally quit doing that because I got tired of all the stupid morons going on about the pretty baby deer and who would ever shoot a baby deer. I’m not going into that one because then we would be taking up some space, but. like I say, you can’t fix stupid.

So, in my opinion, if you’re not going to utilize an animal, then don’t harvest it.

Posted on: Friday, February 24, 2023

I feel I have to write this article for my blog just because before the Chinese flu shit hit, I got bombarded with questions from all over the nation on what to do with their parents trophies.

Either the dad went into a nursing home and  his partner in life did not want the trophies or they both went into the ground and the estate was turned over to the children of those parents and they have no flipping idea what to do with these taxidermy mounts on the wall.

First thing first , if you are offended by any type of language or if you’re a little happy to go person maybe you should not read this and go read somebody else’s blog that makes you feel good because I will tell you the truth no matter what your feelings are.

OK back to their calls I’ve been constantly getting about the parent that  went into the ground and now I don’t know what to do with these trophies. First things first is that these trophies meant quite a bit to your dad or whoever and maybe some to your mom but it’s more your dad I would presume. The main reason you put a trophy up on the wall for the memories. He can remember where he was at ,what the temperature was ,who he was with, how long it took to get out of the country, The plane rides in etc. etc. etc. but now the children inherited the estate and they have no idea what to do with these items and they are so flipping  close minded that they don’t care, all they want is the flipping money.

Well I hate to tell you but most of these items  aren’t worth very much. Like I said before it was your parents memory is the reason they went up on the wall if he has anywhere from 1 to 100 items you should be looking to at least keep one to keep his memory alive instead of trying to sell every goddamn one there is just because you or your partner is offended by it, get a flipping life.

Have a little respect for the people that brought you into this world and raised you, money is just not everything cuz we both know you’re going to blow it just because nothing sacrifice not gain you don’t appreciate it but I will tell you how to get some funds  out of these but first of the things you have to do to be able to sell these.

As you can see I’m pretty passionate about the animal trophies that you look and see on the wall because they are artistic pieces of art, every taxidermist is not created the same and if you got just a piece of junk that doesn’t even look like the animal yeah then it is not worth very much. So the things you have to do to get these onto the market is

A ) everything has a number so if you’re looking at horned animals or antler Animals you have to get them scored and you can go online to Boone and  Crockett for North American animals and Safari club international for international animals and download the measuring forms that you need and then just half assed measure them yourself and you will be in the ballpark. One antler game or horn game that I buy, which is very rare I will only buy the mount for the horns. I will then remove the headwear and throw the rest away and either redo it for a client or sell them as is.

B) Next you have to figure out when they were taxidermy up. Most taxidermist will write something a date, who did it, on the back of the mount that will give you enough to have an idea of when they were done. If they look amazing and like the animal really should be that is a plus.

C) Next if it is a CITIES animal, which means is endangered species you must have the paperwork proving it was legally taken from wherever and if it was like for example a leopard, African lion, elephant, or rhino then  it can only be sold in the state you’re currently in.

If the estate goes to you and you live in another state, then you can actually bring those trophies with you and sell them in that state but there is no exception to this rule just because this is Federal shit and they do not take exceptions to this.

D) I , Myself use the following people to try to move legally taken trophies that I’ve been stuck with by incompetent people or like yourself have been given. I use auction houses, the one I use is basically down south and they usually do a couple taxidermy only auctions a few times a year, but you have to get the trophies to them and if you’re going by Freight that is a little pricey but maybe you can talk them into swinging by your place of residence and throwing them in their cargo trailer. But it is an auction and they take 20% off the top and it could go anywhere from five dollars to 5K, who knows.

Next is interior decorators .they are very valuable to a certain point. If you can find a very open minded interior decorator, which is pretty Flippin rare anymore than you have a really great chance of selling your trophies. You can use the Internet like craigslist but you have to put down is pick up only because if your shipping stuff, you have no idea what the hell  The cost will be and you will be losing money, guaranteed.

E)  Next would probably if you need tax break you can actually donate these to museums, schools, anywhere there’s public and to officially do this you have to get them appraised, which is also going to cost you some money, for I only know a very small handful of people that actually do this and trying to find one might be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

You have to remember that this is their trophies and their memories and when they have gone the memories have gone and they don’t give a rats ass what the hell you do with the stuff. When I get phone calls on this subject they all tell me it’s huge, it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. But they’re big and my big are completely different.
If it’s an old Mount taken in Africa for  then your best shot would probably be just taking the horns off and sell them and you could actually sell that stuff on the Internet site, eBay, craigslist just for the rack but honestly you should save at least one of his trophies just for the memories. I’m sure he told you the story numerous times about this item or that item and if your mate gets offended by having these things in their living space, just my opinion, but maybe it’s time to find a new flipping mate.

The real money is in The guns that he used the harvest the game, especially if it’s any of the big calibers like 416, 458, 470 double rifle, lott, rugby etc. etc.
You can always go online in your area and find an FFL license dealer and give him a percentage for sending your gun to somebody in another state that wants to buy it or maybe he himself will take it but do not get hosed, these calibers are worth some money. You can go on gun broker.com and research it and sell it as a group item with gun, ammo etc. etc.

Still if you’re in the dark you can give me a call from my info on the website which is www.African-taxidermy.com www.globalwildlifeartistry.net but I’ll basically tell you what’s in this article but I always have clients willing to buy those guns and if the headwear is large enough I will buy them too.

Good luck!

Posted on: Monday, July 26, 2021

The old saying is you get what you pay for.

This is extremely true when creating taxidermy art it is very very true.
There is a ton of professionals and there is even more part-time Taxidermist than ever.

Most people have a Horn envy and never look at the mount. The mount could be cross eyed or with a purple mohawk but all the people do is look at the size of the horns or on predators the size of the animals head

When you go to a professional like Capps taxidermy studio LLC you get unbelievable quality of your trophy 

Taxidermy is no more and creating memories, it is not a Flippin ego like some of these idiots think just like some that have never hunted and thinks-if that is what it's called , because he shot it he wants to hang on the wall so I can brag about it ,well honestly I think there is people like that and they are rare and in my opinion super idiot but then again that is my opinion.

42 years of doing this type of work full-time as a master GlobalWildlife taxidermy artist I have seen every type of person areas. Some that are super grateful ,some are touchy and Feely and those are the ones that you really have to watch out for because they're touching and feeling the whole mount and said ,well there's a scar here there's a seam here and it's like duh what the hell do you expect if I cut myself you're going to see a scar you're going to feel a scar.

Taxidermist are not magicians ,if you're that type of person that touchy-feely please go to the scab that only does it part time and has a full-time job somewhere else and does it on the side ,that would make Wildlife taxidermy artist like myself happy

I only enjoy very grateful , open minded clients that love to travel and do adventures and you're not worried about saving a nickel here or nickel there.
They are open minded and basically know what they want and how they want the piece to look like and they do not want the ordinary crap

They want to go out on a limb and have something with adventure with action. Clients at love doing dioramas are extremely high in my book because they have the room and they want an adventure scene. It may be a sheep running down the hill that you can put in your 8 foot ceiling instead of just a shoulder mount with a mount looking out into space straight or Brown Bear or Black Bear with a kill or fish with a stream running by it.
The same all same all contrite living a little better, open your mind.

These mounts are built to last forever so if you don't think it should look like this maybe you should consider other people that are going to come in to your space and look at it or your family members that are going to inherit this item and what they would like to deal with or if they sell it ,are they going to sell it on eBay for two pennies or they going to give it away to a sporting good store as a tax write off where thousands and thousands of people will it appreciate it.
think of the future.
Here at Capps taxidermy studio LLC we only use the very best of the best items on the market to recapture the memory of your hunt. If you are the type that are always trying to barter or nickel and dime stuff, please go somewhere else just because You think you're doing yourself a favor but you're actually hurting yourself.
I know of guys had gone on cull Hunts where they only have one horn and they ask you can fix it and if it's a straight one yeah but if it's a curved or ring horn ,enjoy looking at the skull the one horn unicorn that you paid for only paid a nickel on the dollar for it if you really want an amazing mount,you would actually pay a little bit more and have a great memory.

And if you don't wanna do that bring your child no matter how old they are or your Grandkids or great grandkids. Give them a memory stupid

 But the old saying you only get what you pay for is very very true.
If you come in here to my studio at Capps taxidermy studio LLC and start nickel and dime me and say well I would like to get a discount and by some small chance of a snowball surviving in hell that I give you one I am going to cut corners. The shop only uses the top of the line items and and they are not free so if you're asking me to cutting the price ,I am  going to cut the material and believe me you should notice if you have a clue but like I said before people don't give a shit about that they only give a crap about the size of the rack

Go to a professional studio ,don't dicker ,don't whine ,don't complain , don't bitch and don't be a touchy-feely guy, in some states that's against the law LOL.

Just be happy you're getting an amazing Flippin Mount that you can show off and brag about for the rest of your life.
You're worried about when you die what happens to the Mount, who gives a rats ass. They are your memories ,no one else's and when you're dead and gone your memories go with you unless you had somebody with you when you harvested it 

So basically live in the now and enjoy it as a mount is made to be never touched by human hands after it is completed. You can clean them with a rag or a feather duster or air but you are never ever supposed to to touch the mount once it leaves the Taxidermist studio, and if you have a problem with trying to comprehend that then you have a weird problem 

So in closing I wish all open minded clients everywhere in the world to have amazing day and go sit back in your place and  have a beverage ,relive your adventure every time you look at an amazing piece done by Capps taxidermy studio LLC

Posted on: Sunday, August 30, 2020

I thought I'd would write a blog post for people that are headed abroad on a hunting adventure. If by chance you are on a shoestring budget then maybe you should save just a little more before committing to a certain trip.
here at my studio, Capp's taxidermy studio LLC , once you book your taxidermy with my studio I will then hand you laminated shipping tags which go on all your trophies which have all the information on getting them through US customs ,to which port and to your USDA approved establishment which is my studio. In the package also there will be valuable tips that will save you lots and lots of headaches and money. Plus there will also be a POA for the custom brokers that I use and other tidbits.

The studio will go to bat for you if you have any questions or any problems with your trophies once they are over there or over here. This studio though can not help with the pricing or misunderstanding of what is going on. I have had numerous clients thinking that once they paid The price for the Safari and or  their shipping from Africa to a US port that that also includes everything to get it to my studio, wrong .
So this is real valuable information ,as times change prices do go up. Somethings can be negotiated but there's basically government fees and we all know government do not like dropping rates or giving any freebies for anything.
Below I will state exactly what it's going to cost say a trip into Africa for plains game and or maybe one big seven item.

First cost is going to be your booking of a certain hunt. Hopefully after researching everything, calling different references that you are now confident in booking this hunt with that outfitter.A regular 10 day animal safari usually cost right at 6K or a little more depending on what type of animals that you pick for your package.

Secondly you've already put down a down payment and it could've been for that year or maybe up to three years in advance to your outfitter for your first safari. Now you have to buy an airline ticket I'm getting there and getting home. Some people will book their own airline travel to sites for example like Expedia or whatever and some will just call the travel agent and have them book it for them. Expedia is pretty good if it's just a straight shot see you like from Atlanta down to Johannesburg. But if it's like from your hometown to somewhere then down to Atlanta then over to Johannesburg then maybe an overnight at a B&B and then onward to the southern part of Africa or maybe you were going out of South Africa into another country in Africa which then I would highly recommend using a travel agent. And if we ever get another pan pandemic I would certainly recommend using a travel agent because getting money back out of any online site or when certain airlines shut down ,You my friend are totally screwed because you will not get  all of your money back you might get a little portion here but with the travel agent they can we book and take care of you very professionally. I learned this lesson the hard way and I am now a firm believer in spending a little bit more money in getting a travel agent. Cost usually from USA to Africa is always somewhere between 1800 to 2400 depending on the time of year . So your tickets are bought and paid for or you going to go over by Coach or do you wanna upgrade further another hundred bucks economy plus which has a little bit more legroom. They take care of you better and at certain times and there again I would recommend doing this but like I said at the beginning if you're on a shoestring budget you are flying coach.

Thirdly  once you arrive in Africa you'll go through customs and your outfitter or somebody he employs will be waiting for you if you're hunting close to Johannesburg. If not you have to do a B&B and catch another flight in the morning down to wherever you were going. So if you're staying at a B&B there again it's probably another $300 per person for lodging and food. Then if you get driving back to the airport you must tip the driver which is barely nothing either a five dollar bill or $10 bill US. Then you're off to the lodge.

At the lodge you will be fed and guided for your whole adventure so now at the end of the safari is when you will be paying for the trophies that you have harvested. You should have a list of that and know exactly how much money is required. Most love US money and then some will take Visa or MasterCard credit cards, they really don't like American Express credit card.  So this is where you are going to spend most of your money. If you had a package deal then you know exactly what you all them if by chance and most people do add to the list as they are hunting and extra fees are occurring as you do this.

Next is the tipping of your pH which if it's just plain's game can run anywhere from $500-$700. If you're hunting one of the big seven then most will be offended if you do not tip them at least 1K and if you have more than one PH guiding you on the big seven then you have to tip them also what you tipped your main guide. If you were in multiple camps then you have to do all this tipping at each camp. For the cook and the people that do your laundry and the cook  you can tip them anywhere from $50 to 300 in one lump sum. As for the trackers they require anywhere from $50 to another $300. And for the scanner if he is not already your tractor you must tip him at least $100-$200 and you really don't want to make him mad because he is the one in charge of scanning and salting your trophy so once you get it back to the US to be mounted if there is no hair left on this then it's only your fault for being cheap. So now you know now that you have to tip just about everybody that helps you.

Next you're headed back to the airport you got to tip the driver again another five, $10 then into the airport you go and if you have your own rifle you're going to the back room with their idea of TSA and they look your guns over and then you should really tip this guy at least $10 US because if you do not tip him your gun case will not be on your airline flight out of Africa and it might just all sudden get lost somewhere so here again do not be cheap.

OK you're home you get an email from the taxidermist down there that is being your pack and dip for your skulls and hides and capes and they will send you a detailed list of what is on there, if you shot something and it is not on this list you better contact them immediately because if it is not on this list it does not exist. They will send you an invoice of what it will cost for them to pack and dip and boil your skulls. Once that is paid They will proceed with requiring permits for export for your trophies to get them to the USA. After a couple months you'll get another invoice from the pack and dip/shippers for the crating and the flight to the port that you picked out in the US a that you would like to have your trophies come into. If you are not in South Africa and hunting another country up north like Zimbabwe etc. then you have to pay a shipping caused from there to Joe Berg is Joe Berg is usually the jumping off point for all shipping so there again I can run an extra $800-$1500 but that's only if you're hunting out of South Africa and getting your trophies home.

They will proceed with requiring permits for export for your trophies to get them to the USA. After a couple months you will get another invoice from the PAC and dip/shippers for the crating and the flight to the port that you picked out in the US a that you would like to have your trophies come into.once your items come into the USA they must be cleared through US customs and through a US broker. That cost depending on who you are using. If there is a CITIES Animal in there then that's an extra hundred dollars and then the custom broker usually charges anywhere from 550.00 to 800.00. And you want to pay this fee as fast as you can because the longer you sit and wait to pay this bill your crate is sitting in storage and the custom brokers will not allow it to be shipped until they are paid and the storage cost runs $40 a week minimum and if it's just for a couple weeks or months that really starts to add up so don't do that.

Then once it is cleared it Has to be shipped to you or to your Taxidermist. If you live in the city you can actually go down and pick them up and save the shipping but if you don't they will ship it to you by Freight or if it's just a couple small items under 50 pounds they will FedEx them to you but 90% of all items coming into my studio are in by Freight because most crates run anywhere from 300 pounds to 1100 pounds and I usually use custom brokers in SeaTac Washington and I get that to my studio is usually always right around $400. There again depends on the weight .
Then once it comes into my studio , Capp's Taxidermy Studio llc and if there is any swine, primates or certain types of goats and sheep that has to be cleared through USDA, which my studio is a USDA approved establishment . I charge $100 if the items are going to be mounted at my studio. If you just have skulls and hides and no taxidermy work then I charge you an extra 350.00

Then items that are at my studio will be shipped to the Tannery so they can preserved and most people will have them all put up at once were here again if you were on a shoestring budget you can do it one this year, one next year, etc. etc. but I would highly recommend getting them all tanned and then put them in cold storage so then you have that control and most items .

The tanning of capes usually run anywhere from 1900 to 2700 depending on what type of animals are we talking about.
Then it's the taxidermy cost for either wall mounts, pedestals, stack pedestals or whatever you can imagine for your trophy to be preserved in artwork.

So there is basically a rundown of what it's going to cost for your self first Safari.

Yes it is expensive to go hunting internationally. Some think that you can harvest an animal and just grab it , place it in your suitcase and come home ,no , that is called smuggling and that just cannot happen.

But this is all strung out hopefully for you people over a couple years or you can save and put this aside and once you get back from Africa it's six months to a year before you have to start paying shipping and custom brokerage and then once it hits the Tannery at your Taxidermist that's usually always six months or longer.

So you are in control of certain things but as we all seen in this damn shut down of 2020 that life is extremely short so I would highly recommend getting out there and enjoying it before the expiration due date comes on your life.

Posted on: Saturday, May 16, 2020

These are definitely crazy times.

With this worldwide virus that has everybody running scared and buying all the TP in the world.
Capp's taxidermy studio is still open for business.
Always creating new wildlife taxidermy artistry every day.

We struggle with some of the problems that this virus has caused but it may take some months to get everything back to normal but that is why this studio is a professional shop and the clients will never know anything is wrong.
Such as the Tannery will not do any more pick ups in their own semi's because they are running scared and some clients do not want to leave their homes here because of the fear, and that is their choice.

The best advice I can give you is wash your hands when you are in contact with something that somebody else can be in contact with and quit watching the fear the media is spreading by their news stations and by social media.

For my international Hunting clients that will not be going bear hunting this spring in Russia for they have quit issuing visas to enter their country. New Zealand has a 14 day quarantine which is completely undoable for the hard-working Hunter. And Africa just close their borders. So hopefully your outfitter can reschedule your hunt for a later date this year or next year when your and his schedules work together.The only bad news is you will not get a complete refund or any refund from the airlines that you already booked.

The studio is now offering a new business which will be consulting/advising/coaching on two different fronts.
The first would be for worldwide hunting/travelers on what to do what not to do, who to book with , who not to book with, pack and dip , shippers for your trophies etc. etc. etc.

This I must put in is that I'm not a hunt booking service. I am just going to advise you on what to do and what not to do when booking any type of adventure 

 Do I know everything, hell no but after doing Hunting and traveling for over 42 years I think I know a little bit more than the average guy.

The second consulting/coaching/advising will be for entrepreneurs that have or going to start a business and trying to make money from anything in the outdoors, such as hunting, fishing, hiking, etc. etc. etc. this is for the business and, the part that makes you money or takes it from you such as advertising, URL design, etc. Here again I've been doing business in the outdoor service business for 42 years and they've been successful 42 years.

rates will be on an hourly basis only. Any parties interested you can contact me by email at mtcougartracker@aol.com and or buy my website at www.african-Taxidermy.com

These  are definitely changing times but if we keep our wits to us and think of the other person, just not me,me we were all get through this craziness.

 You must believe within to see the results on the outside.

Everybody stay safe and sane.

Posted on: Saturday, March 21, 2020

Bear hunting can be an amazing adventure. Once the bear has been harvested The real work starts.

One will need to know exactly how he would like this trophy preserved. Does he want a life-size or does he want a rug made out of his trophy. 
Its time to now measure the height so the master Taxidermist at Capps taxidermy studio LLC can re-create your trophy.
How one measures the bear skin to see the true size of the bear is simple, one measures from the nose to the tail,period. 
Most guides will measure from height foot to knows nose,  from front foot to front foot and then divide it by 144 and they have their squares.
The only thing wrong with this is not the true measurement , The true measurement is only from the nose to tail.
So a 6 foot bear all of a sudden can become an 8 foot bear and once it comes back from the Tannery and the Taxidermist gets a hold of the client saying this is the measurement of the bear they say no you are are off a couple feet because my guy squared it at this measurement.

I know there is  ground shrinkage and there is some shrinkage at the Tannery but once it is re-hydrated and stretched that is the true measurement, The skin never lies 

The taxidermist all of a sudden becomes the bad guy because he is saying the skin only measures this and this is true, not what that guide  says.
The reason the guide or outfitters say this is just boost the ego of the hunter.

The outfit then can claim we only shoot 10 foot bears, on brown bear hunts, so they can use that in their advertising.

I get quite a few bears from Alaska and Russia and I can tell the size of the bear just by the weight of the hide once it is received in my studio.
I don't know how many times I have received a 6 1/2/-7 foot bear and the owner of the bear claims it is a 9 foot bear which is total BS but the guide or the outfit don't care they only care about their end of the bargain so the Taxidermist becomes the bad guy.

So next time you harvest a bear you can do two things.
You can measure the pad on the front foot of the bear and if it's over 7 inches you subtract an inch and if it's under 6 inches you add an inch and that is your true measurement of your bear.
Or you can measure from nose To base of tail and that is also the true measurement of your bear.

If you are considering doing a live size mount one should always measure from nose to tail with the tape measure and also measure around the stomach area and circumference if you are considering doing a life size mount one should always measure from nose to tail with a Metal tape measure and also the circumference of his body. Measure from nose to I and then from nose to the back of his skull and one last measurement would be the neck measurement right at base of skull.

The more measurements you can give the master Taxidermist at Capps taxidermy studio LLC the better your amount will turn out since most bear forms have to be re-sculpted to match the skin of your trophy. The best before you go is the contact the artist at Capps taxidermy studio llc so we can give you instructions on how the item is to be preserved

I can always go to my website at www.globalwildlifeartistry.net to look over the master pieces of artwork created by Capps taxidermy studio LLC.


Posted on: Saturday, November 16, 2019

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC just added 3 new  domain names for the web sites

Type them into your search engines and check out the main site.




Posted on: Friday, November 30, 2018


Its show season

Where outfitters ,guides ,artist taxidermist , merchandisers etc. etc. usually always go to Shows.

But the main reason to meet some amazing people and to  get new business.

Most  people that go to the shows are looking for something special and they can be the ones right at the get go of the show  or they could be the very last person you talk to you as you’re tearing down your booth. It doesn’t matter when  you talk to  them as  long as they find you and talk to you.

Most asked very intelligent questions and they have been quite a few places so they have some experience behind them. Don’t get me wrong you always get a lot a tire kickers  or families just wanting to get out and about all have a story.

It amazes me how many people have been on certain adventures. By looking at them you would never think that that this person just came back from Africa or this one was in Turkey hunting Marco Polo,  total amazement but that’s why the venders  and the participants of the show go to the show.

Myself, owner of my Capps taxidermy studio LLC likes to go to the mule deer foundation convention in Salt Lake City Utah and have for the past few years now . Some will go to Sci, elk foundation, sheep convention and so on.

Every year it’s different. Some days are better than others. It’s usually feast or  famine which means you’re talking to the one would be client and there’s two others lined up wanting to talk to you also about certain things so you’re trying to shuffle everything around and try to please everybody.   Certain times of the day are very slow and you get that convention stare as your checking for messages on your phone or writing down the new information on the clients that are booking with you at the show  so you can contact them before their adventure starts. When Capp’s taxidermy studio has an interested client in booking their taxidermy work with my Studio, I first talk to them at the show , which is always too short , then later contact with them by email to see if they are still interested  in letting  my studio complete your artistry. Once I  have been given the OK I will then mail them off my international hunting package which includes very valuable information.

It contains laminated trophy tags that are affixed to the trophies they’re harvesting which on them also includes all the information the dip and pac will require to ship their trophies home. Also includes custom brokers information and USDA approved establishment information which is my studio Capp’s taxidermy studio LLC.

It also comes with  POA papers ,  dip and pack literature, references, US custom literature. All the information in this package will save the client lots of headaches time and money.

Then once the client comes back form  his or her adventure they can tie me into their emails when corresponding with the company that has their trophy skins and if there’s any problems or hiccups which they’re always is I will tell them how to resolve the problem or take care of it myself.

My travel pack is all free to my clients only.

When talking to future clients I am amazed that most of them do not have no idea on how their trophies are going to come home. They assume that their pH or outfitter will take care of everything for them. And some cases they do but they’re going to be very costly. ( read my other articles on this blog for more information on that subject )

My main purpose I’m giving out these travel packs is to save you money and to have your adventure go  smooth and without a hitch  which it will if you listen to me.

I’ve traveled and hunted in a lot of places plus I have been doing global taxidermy artistry for over 40 years and after listening to all my clients that have travel abroad and what their hiccups were  I pass on to my new clients. It all boils down to experience

Your show season is always January and February at the new year and most vendors like myself love to go, the only downfall from living in the north is traveling in crappy weather with horrible road conditions but you have to  put yourself out there yeah if you want some amazing business, it will come and find you you have to go find it.

So if you never been to a show , GO , go have fun and you always come home learning some new experiences by talking to some amazing people .  Hopefully the worst thing that can happen to you is that you spend some money and book an adventurous hunt for the animal thats always been on your bucket list and when you do remember to contact a real master global wildlife taxidermy artists at Capps Taxidermy Studio LLC ,   You will not be disappointed, guaranteed.

Life has an expiration date ,use it or use it.

Thanks for reading

Posted on: Sunday, March 18, 2018


Here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio  we advise our clients  on the do’s and don’ts of  The hunting world.

That could be some advice when you’re shooting, what to shoot, skinning, trophy evaluation, where and where not to go for a certain trophy, international hunting  and who to book with. We know some amazing hunting consultants that are very professional and will help you every step of the way. It could be a hunting consultant for Hunting wtdeer or  for hunting hogs or water buffalo in Australia or going on your first safari in Africa.

These hunting consultants that I recommend only do a certain  tupes of hunt for example one will be just for North America one will be just for Russia one will be just for Africa.

I do not get a commission or anything by recommending these hunting consultants. This cost nothing to you to book with a professional hunting consultant, the outfitter pays them a commission not you so I would highly recommend taking my advice and only  book  with these types of individuals. I only recommend services that have and will utilize my Taxidermy services  and or that I have personally worked with.

The world is full of outfitters some very good some are very shaky and wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole  and you really don’t know which ones to and trust with.

It’s like some outfits in Africa  hunters have gone over there and hunted with them before and they think they are now friends with the pH, don’t get me wrong some do you become friends but most of them say anything while you’re there to have them utilize whatever they say to do with your money . For example this pH tells you to bring all your friends over there next time but if you search around you will find out that his quality of animals is not very good and the pricing is not very good but  he is your friend and you don’t question it. Always remember to think outside the box  and don’t listen to fake news/propaganda . Then when it comes to the pack and dip they recommend only people/firms that are going to pay him a commission and then that taxidermy shop only uses a certain shipper that pays the taxidermist a commission and the shipper only recommends you going through a custom broker that pays him commission so everybody’s trying to get money here.

You need a neutral  advisor in your corner that receives no commissions from anybody. I will tell you the real story why and how and where to use this knowledge .  If you are or  going to be come a client of mine my services are free, so you can’t go wrong.

My clients that are going international will receive my international hunting pack which includes tons of information, laminated shipping tags so you know who’s is who’s and they also have all the information anybody will need to ship their trophies home . Just for an example if you book your taxidermy services with me I will tell you which pack and dip in  Africa to use. I will tell you to include me into your emails so all of my 40 years experience on doing African trophies  can be applied to your advantage. I will tell you which shippers to used to get your trophies into the states, I will tell you where and who to use as a trophy custom broker.

Or if you’re just hunting North America going for Alaskan brown bear, BC moose or just lucky enough to draw a sheep goat or moose or any tag in the lower 48 . I give you advice on the skinning and if any questions you can call or FaceTime the Studio and  all trophies can be shipped to me with little or no Problems

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio is NOT  your local shop. The shop may be in Montana but I have done amazing Wildlife artistry from animals all over the world.

 Capp’s taxidermy studio is one of the best studios in North America , your best choice for a global wildlife artistry

Posted on: Saturday, January 13, 2018
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