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I always tell clients when they go over to hunt in Africa, do not let them talk them into leaving anything over there to be tanned or mounted. But I always have a few that do and think they are getting a deal and saving money. When they get the skins back over here and they bring in the items they all want a discount cuz they spend money on them to be tanned over there and I hate to tell them that they are pickled tanned and there will be no discount cuz now I have to send them to a tannery to be tanned and for all that money you spent on these tans was a waste of money–they are not tanned and will start to smell in warm temps, they have NO stretch , they are not tanned-just pickled. I have had clients bring in items that they had done over there and to see if I can do anything for the smell or the poor condition they were mounted in and I have to say sorry, nothing I can do for the rugs that smell and the mounts would have to be remounted with new capes. A hard lesson to learn but listen to the people that know what they are saying….

Posted on: Sunday, February 12, 2012

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