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When bring in work to a taxidermist people will always ask for a discount if they have more than one. Here at Capps’s Taxidermy Studio LLC — www.african-montana-taxidermy.com –I do hear that and I always tell them I do give discounts but only if you bring in 15 items or more in one years time. Reasons for no discounts are quite simple,I do not get any discounts from the tanneries,the suppliers,shippers,power co.,etc..And from past experiences, a large precent of the people (not all) that ask for them will take quite awhile to put down a deposit and longer to pay when completed. So I ask this, do you work for free, I don’t. I have this great older fish guide that brings in quite a few items every year and I mounted a fish for him personally and was just going to give it to him for nothing, just a way of saying thanks and he said something that I will always remember , he said do you work for free for I surely do not and I put that to my business plan. Like I wrote, I do give a discount to some with lots of work but it’s very minimum cuz I don’t work for free.

Posted on: Sunday, March 4, 2012

Capp's Taxidermy Studio, LLC

213 East Park
Anaconda, Montana 59711

CALL: (406) 560-4195


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