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If you like to hunt for big game,for big deer,elk or for the big 3– moose,sheep,goat then you must apply for the limited tags available in your state and if you are really hardcore,then you apply for other western states too. If you draw a tag then you hire a guide or go on your own and go on a great adventure . Do your research,call the biologist in that area,scout if you could and have fun. Most the hunters I know always apply for thier own state and would never apply for other states for many reasons like no time,the money,etc. The clients that do apply for other states other than thier own many go after one or two species like the three different sheep or elk. The fees for most the states are small amounts until you draw and some states are all fees up front and that can get very expense. Most states give out bonus points and that is why we all apply. And then with the points and a lot of luck, you draw that tag and the adventure begans. Then you have to research and find a great taxidermist for that once in a life time trophy by calling,looking online like www.african-Montana-taxidermy.com and following through with the one to decide to use. Remember you cannot complain if you do not apply so apply for everything you can afford to do. Good luck.

Posted on: Sunday, March 18, 2012

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213 East Park
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CALL: (406) 560-4195


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