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That phrase best describes myself. I am always going against what the majority thinks. In the hunting/taxidermy world, most think that you can only go or do local game. Take for example a few years ago I traveled down south and harvested a very nice alligator and mounted it swimming with fish swimming around it on a pedestal
,(can be veiwed in the gallery at www.african-montana-taxidermy.com). Then it’s displayed behind my counter and some people that come in will say who would ever go hunt something like that–talk about closed minded people!!!- and I hardy ever tell those people that it was I . But the truth is, it was great for business cuz I had some great clients in and saw the mount and went that way to harvest one and had a great time, so they get a great trophy , memories and I get in new business.I have done that type of business quite afew times where others will go on those types of hunts and bring the trophy back to Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC.I enjoy doing that, I like the new adventures,different cultures,people and usually bring home critters that people from my part of the world never seen before. You have to think out of the box and go against the grain. Life is to short to be dull and boring all time. I work Hard for my money ,like a lot of my clients do, so I get to decide on how I would like to spend it and I like to be a adventurist . Who cares what others think, when I decide to go on the next adventure,I never say a word to anyone other than my family and they cannot say a word to anyone. When some clients see it up and being mounted, that when they say who,what and where and my policy at the studio is I never say who the trophy belongs to,its just a security issue. So my advise is to go against status quo and live your life ,it’s to short to please everyone, go have an adventure….

Posted on: Thursday, March 22, 2012

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