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When a hunter harvests a animal with a above average size antlers or horns, they should have them measured for one or two of the record books. I, myself , I like SCI book over Boone and Crockett book . One reason is that SCI does not do deductions for one side different from the other side,that is what the real world is. B&C takes off for not being perfect and it’s only for North America game,SCI is a world book. They are pretty close in the way they measure North America game and in the final cost. But I myself I’m prejudice for I’m a master measurer for SCI, which means I passed courses in days time and I can score and do score game that makes the top ten in SCI record book. The book is there for the main reason of showing where the game was taken in world,by whom,guided or not and when so when looking into an area you want to hunt, you can look up if any trophy size game came out of that area. Once you have made the minimum score , marked the way it was taken,bow,gun,etc..,then you pay a low fee and you can also buy a medal medallion — bronze, silver or gold–depending on the score or the game, and once it clears the scoring committee you are in the book. Then you can brag that you have taken a book animal. And not many have. So if you want to get in the books one must have luck,be picky and only take mature animals, and you must have it scored by a measurer like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC. Go hunting and have fun and maybe you might get lucky and take a big one.

Posted on: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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