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When have a mount done I try to tell the client to spruce it up instead of have a mount just looking into space, have it in action and with something else in with it. One with a shoulder mount you can go with just the mount on the wall like 95 percent do or you can add some habitat with it. Like grass or colored leaves, small driftwood or weathered limbs with moss on them and some different size rocks, some ice or snow or whatever the habitat was where you harvested the trophy. I have done deer eating apples of a limb or hogs with cactus . On life mounts you can do a lot of different things,like having bears fishing in a stream, running through water closed mouth or with a fish or a bone or have a larger predator chasing a smaller predator or having a mt. Goat bedded with blue grouse feeding around it. Bring in your trophy into a professional taxidermist that will work for you and has the experience for these types of mounts like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC and have them tan it and while it’s getting tanned, you can decide on how you want it done by deciding on the space you want to take up, by going to the search engines and looking up the species online and on what other game you want in the scene. You want to use your imagination for you are going to be looking at this mount for a long time and you want it look at every time and go WOW, what a mount !!

Posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2012

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