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When shipping in trophies to the taxidermy shop like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC,you must do the following. On game animals You must skin out the trophy and use fine salt and if you want and have a freezer in camp, then freeze them too, if no freezer then you will have to roll up the hide with the salt inside and place the hide out of the weather and get it off the ground ,place it on an angle so the hide can drain. If you are out in the bush for sometime, then you will have to start to dry out the hide and then you can fold the hide so it can fit in a box for shipping. On birds , you can place them in a woman’s pantyhose , that way the nylon holds the feathers down tight to the body with no damage and then they must be frozen. On fish, you can do two things, one is to take a photo and measure length x width and put it back in the water or you can or the real skin mount-only on some types of fish- and place it in a cloth,and freeze it or keep it on ice-2 days top. Or if you are without a freezer , you can bury the fish in salt and it will be good for 3 or so days. If the items are frozen without being salted then you must ship by next day air,FedEx or UPS. If the item is freshly salted then you could go with next day air or 2 day air- its a little cheaper. If the item is dry salted then you can mail it by whatever for it will not go bad but use one with a tracking number. For all frozen or freshly salted item you can use a waxed fish box or a real cooler, place inside with some newspaper and duct tape the hell out of it so no leaking occurs. For all other one can use a regular box. Once the items are mounted and ready to be shipped,it’s measured and a box is custom built for the item or items out of plywood-for UPS- and for larger mounts it’s built out of 7/16 wafer board ,the mount is then screwed into the wood on the crate and then cross bars are placed by the horns so nothing moves,once the client receives the crate,it does take awhile to unpack. All shipment are then shipped out by a major freight lines. Capp’s receives a major discount that is passed on to the client so it’s not as large a bite out of the pocketbook.The best thing to do is to contact the taxidermist before you go for the shipping packet and after you come back so they can be on the watch for the shipment…..

Posted on: Sunday, April 1, 2012

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