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When hunting aboard,it’s a complete different world from hunting and shipping your trophies to the taxidermist from north America . First thing is to decide on what you want to hunt . Then if any of those trophies are a CITIES permit animal then you must apply for the permit ,3months before you go. Then go to the taxidermist and they will give you a international hunting packet which here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC contains papers for the USDA, customs,shipping tags,etc that you help you when hunting and shipping your trophies back to the USA and to the taxidermist. Once you are there and start harvesting game , they will bring your trophy to the skinning shed and that is where you will give them your shipping tags-2 per animal,one for the skin and the other for the skull or horns. Then your trophies will be brought to a taxidermist to be dipped and packed for the shipment to your custom broker, this will take awhile,it’s not like hunting here when you can box your game and take them on the plane,etc with you. Here it will take 3 to 16 months to get your turn to be shipped . South Pacific is the quickest at 3 months and the further you go inland in Africa, the longer it will take to get here. For your CITIES permit animal,elephant,leopard,croc,etc you must have the export co. ship them before the permit expires which is one year or you will have to reapply and start all over again. Once the trophy care is paid for, they are shipped by air freight on commercial airlines to a USDA port and then on to your custom broker in the port that you have picked,clears customs and all is paid for on this end it then is shipped by freight to your USDA taxidermist or to the tannery that your taxidermist uses for USDA . And its only go to a USDA tannery if you harvested swine-hog- or primate- baboon. It can get very complicated so be patience and contact your PH , taxidermit and your broker when questions come up. The final cost usually runs around $1200 to $2400, depending on the weight and that’s for all, customs,USDA,air bill and ground shipping. If you take three plains game or 12 plains game,it usually cost the same in shipping so you want to have fun and spend some time hunting and enjoy that country, you may be back to hunt again or you may never see that country again so have fun.

Posted on: Monday, April 2, 2012

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