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Warm water fish or cold water fish, it matters when you are mounting one. Warm water fish do not have much oils in the skin and fins and the skin is a lot thicker than a cold water fish. Warm fish are pike, walleye,bass,perch,etc and they are all white colored meat,very good to eat. For color, they have a lot of green and yellows in them and do not change shape or color when spawning like a cold water fish. They are mounted the same as all other fish here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC with a hand carved body,a custom molded fiberglass head,hand painted glass eyes and all painted with a airbrush with lacquer and a completion gloss top coat. With the cold water species, like trout and salmon these fish are very oily and must have the head , of course,and fins removed and glass ones are placed in their areas on the skin(fin replacement is on large fish only or on all salmon). They have lots more color than warm water fish and all turn different colors and shapes when spawning and that is what most clients want their fish too look like , even if they are not caught in the spawn time. They both take time to dry out right so it does take months to get them back, why, cuz they have to dry, fins will curl if not done right,and then it’s just working them into the rotation. If you want one within a couple of months then I would say to get a repo one of the fish,warm or cold. So I guess that whatever species you are fishing for and catch a good one,take care of it stated in fish mounts below these post,and have it mounted by a professional taxidermist so you and everyone can enjoy it…

Posted on: Monday, April 9, 2012

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