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Decisions,Decisions,Decisions, what to do . When you bring in your critter to a taxidermist like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC  you have to make a decision on what you are going to do-reality you have to make that decision when you harvested the animal but that another blog.Are you going to do a shoulder mount for the wall or a pedestal mount-alone or with a habitat with it or a floor pedestal or a table one. Or are you going to do a rug-open or closed mouth  and what 2 colors of felt,backing are you going to do-most have the wife pick out the colors to match the room it will be going in. Or finally you can do a life mount,open or closed mouth, running, bedded, walking, climbing. Habitat can be rock, water,logs, sand, and on and on. Then on all but the rug,which way are you going to turn it, left, right, straight or something custom. The shoulder mount will take up the less room but a simple life mount will take up less room than a rug. But in my opinion you can do what you have the room for but if you have the room, do a life mount. Its requires a lot more attention to details but if you want something WOW, then this is it but only if you realty use your imagination and do not just have it there staring into space, make a work of art out of it. have it bedded with a kill by it and small game sneaking in on it or have like a mt goat bedded with blue grouse walking by it and the goats head looking down but the eyes watching them, or have a bear running on river rock or in water with it splashing up with a fish in its mouth.  Mt lion or a leopard climbing a branch or rock with a kill its it mouth. Make them great for you will have a lifetime to look at them and If done right like  by Capp’s Taxidermy Studio    LLC you can have WOW….

Posted on: Friday, April 13, 2012

Capp's Taxidermy Studio, LLC

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