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Nothing in the world is perfect, there is always something just off center compared to the other side. In the animal world there is always off. On antler game-elk, deer , etc. one side is perfect and the other side of the rack maybe laid out a little to the left or right or the horn is up higher on the main beam or its the tines that are different. On horned game-antelope,goats,etc. are different for those horn shells are removed to clean the meat under the horn and are placed back on with glue and are arranged back to almost perfect but some do grow just like antlers. Now it’s the taxidermist job at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC to make them almost perfect when they are placed on the form for mounting by placing wedges under the skull cap to align it so it looks normal. All animals have something out of place, just look close at your pet,even people are like that-one eye is lower that the other,etc..so nothing is perfect . There is one record book that measures animal horns,skulls and antlers and in their world it must be perfect or you get a deduction on the final score and I think that is just wrong. The main record book that I place my entries in is SCI and they measure everything and that’s the way it should be for nothing in the real world is perfect.


Posted on: Sunday, April 15, 2012

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