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US Custom now has a war on American hunters . They are making up rules as they go. They are seizing legally taken African/world game that requires a CITIES permit to enter this country. Take for an example ,leopards that are taken legally with the quotas in the country of origin are seal by their wildlife dept. with the right paperwork but now the custom ports are saying that must have the number in quota that they were taken–5 of 300, etc, and not telling the country of origin that they must now have this on the seals. Each port has their own rules it seams .The head of the USFG has promised to fix this big problem but as of Feb. at the SCI meeting in Vegas has failed to do this but promised to get around to it someday. So when  hunters wants to go to Africa to hunt, hopefully they do not want a CITIES permit animal but if they do they all must first get a SP 50 forms for their firearms and send it in to US Customs and then if they are sure that they are hunting a CITIES critter that must apply form 3-177 at least 3 months  before going over or if not sure then apply after you come home  for you only have 1 yr to have your trophy shipped into customs before the permit is no good and they are not allowing any more shipments to be exported and then imported again and no more 30 day grace period and so your shipment will be seized. I only trust a few US custom ports ,(they are not all the same cuz of the personnel ) they are -so far – friendly to the hunters and will work with the custom brokers that my studio--Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC  uses and if they are in need of a USDA I have them shipped to one of the tanneries I use by that port. All of this is in my international hunting packet that is given to hunters that are using my studio for their taxidermy. So if you are going,call or email and find out the good and the bad about the trip and shipping home your trophies.

Posted on: Thursday, April 19, 2012

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