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Your at a sports show or at the dinner of a sportsmen assc. like SCI and the auction is full of trips, hunting  and fishing  for everywhere in the world and you are starting to think I should bid on some of these. Before you start the bidding you should do some research. If you are — for example–at the convention of SCI you can go over to the booth of the donor and start asking some questions and reality talk to them,  ask them who,what,etc and some references are a must. Do the research.  And then check the price of getting there , motels , customs, and the taxidermy  rates.  Here are Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we have clients get a hold of us before they book and some after they already booked,  so they can get a info pack which includes rates,broker,custom info ,shipping tags and lots of others info and to talk over all the questions they have on that type of adventure. Chances are I have heard from all type of hunters that have gone on the same type of hunt that you are calling on so I can give you some great tips and if I cannot,I know someone that can help, so never forget to call the taxidermist . Call Capp’s Taxidermy Studio llc.For an example, I talked to a client the other day that just returned from a hunt in Africa and was wondering now what to do concerning when and where his trophies were coming into.One great tip -do all this before you go and you will know whats going on all the way, one less worry. Same goes for the local dinner auction,check it all out and do not listen to the people trying sell it unless they have been there. Just do not drink too much and end up buying something that is way to much money for if you resell it, you will not get anywhere close to what you paid for it. At the big shows, most all booths have a show special that must be bought before the show ends and most of all those trips are legit and are great valve. I have had some clients book these types of trips and they were all great adventures, harvesting some great critters but they all did their homework and rechecked everything they needed to. All I’m saying here is that there are some great adventures out there but you have to go looking for them, check out some hunting consultants- their sites and call them, go to the big shows-its a great way to get out of dodge and have fun ,and go to some of the local chapters of the sportsmen org. when they are having their yearly fundraiser dinners. Just remember the most important thing–do not bid unless you know all the in and outs…Have fun.

Posted on: Saturday, May 19, 2012

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