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Bring the trophies back to be mounted in the USA. Some international hunters go over there, Africa, etc.. and they leave them there to be mounted for they THINK they are getting a deal. Yes there money is less than the USA dollar but lets look at the facts. Their tans for the mounting process is not a tan but its only pickled. I have had others tan for example their zebras flat skin and every summer when it gets warm, the hide will start to smell and that’s cuz its only pickled but they got a great deal on it. and I have done some of their so called tans and they are not tans,they have zero stretch,they are not tumbled in hardwood dust but rather in skin shaving,they drum when they dry and believe me its a mount that I would not put my name on. They hire anyone that can do the job and when he quits, there are a line on people to take their place. The main taxidermist is good but he is not doing your work.They are using harmful chemicals on your skins and yes they may cause harm if you are a round of them enough. Bring them home to a professional taxidermist here.If you do not know where to bring them,check around by the web,etc. You do not have to bring them to the guy down the street that only does a great job on deer but dosen’t do much on a eland. You can go with the big shops that have big overhead and also big rates to go with it. Here  Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we are a small professional business that the studio is in a professional building located in the business section of the town so I do not do it out of  my home so I have double the bills -power,taxes,etc than the one that does the work out of their house.This is full time professional studio that does everything under one roof except for tanning,that’s why I pay the pros for. The small business man assumes all the responsibly by hiring talented worker,paying the salaries,taxes,and supporting the economy,local and national. When you leave your work over there you are not supporting America. True its your money but put yourself in the small business man shoes and see a different world. The USA taxidermist must rely on hunters bringing in their work to survive, they are not on a salary like most are and that’s the difference. They pay for everything them self and work many more hours just so they can support their families. They say its a lot cheaper to have the trophies done over there but its not when its all said for. None of my mounts have yet to smile at you when completed.All the mounts and sculpture’s are very detailed and lifelike and if you have a problem with them,just call or visit the studio, you can’t do that if you leave them over there.

Posted on: Saturday, October 27, 2012

Capp's Taxidermy Studio, LLC

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