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Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC has now expanded the business to include Don’s sculptures. Don has been doing taxidermy for over 41 yrs and has been sculpting mannikin’s for that long. When you hire Capp’s, you can decide on how ever you want you mount to be and if it does not exist, Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC will make it for you and that is want gives Don the edge on sculpting , you must use your imagination. What I have been sculpting is what intrigues me the most and so far that has been the game animals of Africa.I have tons of experience is all of the animals of the world from doing taxidermy on most of them. You just let your mind do all the work. I have a rhino as the brand symbol of Capp’s so that has been the 1st sculpture that I have done,a bust and then it was a small life one of a rhino too. And so on its been leopards,elephants,etc..they are all detailed up and if its a life one,its in action. Its like life mounts,i like to see action in them instead of just standing there looking out into space. The main mediums that I use are clay and for the most detailed parts I like to use a special blend of wax. Sculpting on this scale just can be addicting for there is nothing you cannot create–the world is yours. You will have to check out the new page that will be coming up in the near future with some of the clay models,bronzes and then a sale page for them and also the business name it will be under.. Then when the studio is at a sports show,you can view some of them up. If anyone wants a special made piece,just email us for more details.Enjoy

Posted on: Saturday, December 1, 2012

Capp's Taxidermy Studio, LLC

213 East Park
Anaconda, Montana 59711

CALL: (406) 560-4195


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