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How to ship your trophies to Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC. It all depends on what we are shipping to Capp’s. On big game ,like elk,deer,etc then you will have to skin out the head and remove the antlers. You then can freeze the cape and ship it by next day air–always on a Monday. Or you can roughly skin it and salt the holy crap out of it and place in a wax box or a cooler and ship it by next day air. Or you can bring it to a taxidermist or someone that knows how to skin out the head and turn the ears,etc and salt and dry it and then you can ship it by UPS or USPS for it will not spoil. If you are flying out of a area like Alaska with bear,caribou,etc you can just skin the head out in the bush and then roughly salt it and let it drain for a couple days and then place in a waxed fish box and just claim it as baggage on the flight out. The rack must be shipped with the skull cape cut in half and the 2 sides duct tape together and the skull cape wrapped in plastic and claimed as baggage, if needed you can always mail your clothes down to you so you do not have to many bags to claim. If you go hunting internationally, then you must 1st get hold of Capp’s and I will give you a hunting packet with P.O.A. papers,shipping tags,custom papers,etc. so you can have your trophies shipped in to the USA through a customs port and if you harvest any swine or primates, then into a USDA tannery –sorry, you can not shoot them and then come home with them, it usually takes 3 to 10 months to get them into the US. For almost all shipments, you want to ship by next day or 3rd day air if they are frozen or salted,regular mail if its dry salted and through customs if it’s international. The best is to call or email if you are going on a trip and I will tell you all you need to know….go hunting……………

Posted on: Sunday, December 23, 2012

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