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It’s show time. Get out of dodge and head to one of many hunting show that are all over the country.Most will just go to see old friends and walk through the area . Some will buy items hooked to hunting  like taxidermy , where you will stop at the booth and look over their mounts and if interested, you will start to talk to them , like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC.    Stop by and say hi if you ran across my booth.. Most are going to the shows for hunt/fishing trips. Some will buy them from the outfitter and some will buy them from the auctions. The best is to do the research on the printed material and circle the one you are interested in the auctions . Then go to the booth and talk to the outfit about the trip , get some references and start to call them to ask the many questions about their hunt and then go to the auction and start to bid on it. If it goes too high,you can start on the next trip you want and did the research on and if all go too high, you can always go to the outfit and most have a show specials and it should work in your favor. I once got a client a new Zealand hunt for a gold metal stag for 6k and he did harvest a 390 bull and had the time of his life.  The shows can be overwhelming, esp with African trips so you just must be picky and always do the research to be safe. Then hit the travel booths and see what the airfare would be to go to the area. At my booth, I always donate work for life mounts,pedestal mount,sculptures or wooden cases and then they sell them at auction or silent auction but 1st they are at my booth for people to see. The main thing is to explore and have fun. So if you go, have fun and always think ahead..Good luck………………

Posted on: Saturday, January 19, 2013

Capp's Taxidermy Studio, LLC

213 East Park
Anaconda, Montana 59711

CALL: (406) 560-4195


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