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North to Canada. So you are thinking of hunting in Canada. What are you thinking of hunting. They are a wide variety of game to choose from. It could be the 4 type of caribou, big wt deer, 3 type of moose, black bear,wolf or sheep and goat. Its Canada so you have to go guided in most hunts or if you are after Quebec caribou you can go with just a camp keeper and will not be guided in the field.

Since you are traveling a distance to hunt this land, its best to do a combo hunt like goat and griz or moose and caribou. Its a lot cheaper to do it when you are up there rather than going back for something you let go in the first trip.

Now that you have decided on the game you want to go after it time to book with a outfit that has great references, will treat you good, feed you and take care of you.  You will have to book a time slot that will work for you and its the prime time for that critter. Will you be driving or will you be flying. If its flying that you picked, then you want to book a flight soon or just have a travel agent take care of it, especially if you have a stay over.

Time to contact the professional taxidermist like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC. and we will give you some ID tags for the game, a travel packet with tips,gun permits, and how to get the trophies to Capp’s went you get over the border and back in the USA. The best way to get the trophies to us is to take them home with you in a salted state and ship them by next or 2nd day air. Its a lot cheaper to do that than having them tanned in Canada plus you will be helping the US economy.

For the most part , all you need to bring is money for tags,tips,hotel stays and or gas, good optics,great sleeping bag,2 pairs of warm clothes,odds and ends like toothbrush,etc.. A good camera and a open mind. If you want a complete list of what I have always brought with me when I have fished and hunted in Canada, just let me know.

Most of the hunting up there is always teamed up with a great fishing spots so don’t forget to pack the breakdown fishing pole and tackle.

Just remember to hunt when you can and you don’t have to wait until you retired for if that’s the way you are thinking, you will never go anywhere hunting. I sen a stats on 100 people that will go somewhere to hunt when they retire and 3 will have to money to go anywhere,20 will be sick,25 will be dead,15 will be just getting by and 47 will be flat broke so go when you can for money will always be a problem, the trick is how to spend it-look around and do your homework , you do not have to book with the most experiences outfits to be successful….Go for adventure………

Posted on: Sunday, March 3, 2013

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