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Safari Club International has a yearly pubuction which has all their hunting awards in it for harvesting the biggest and best game animal for their record book and for their grand slams and their inner circles. The slams and the inner circles are completed by harvesting the game placed on that type of slam. There are many types of slams and levels for you to complete and to climb the ladder so to speak. The slams are divided into the areas for the world, like the South Pacific for stag,thar,fallow.water buffalo,etc.. and the North American for the game animals and another for predators, another for sheep,etc and for Africa which has as many if not more than North American.

The levels for the inner circles are copper,bronze,silver,gold and the top is for diamond. They have a list and the ones you must harvest to apply for that level.

So it like when you were a kid looking at the christmas catalog and dreaming but for this you have to plan and plan ahead of time unless you have unlimited funds and have lots of free time on your hands.

When you deicde to go for a your type of slam, you must start by planning air tickets, guides or not, apply for tags in those states you want to hunt and lots more but that is the fun of this. Say for intence, you want to head to Africa on a 10 game packet hunt and you do harvest all 10, some were spiral horn game,some were predators and some were swine. So now you have a start on the slams by having taken game in 3 or 4 slams and you are on your way.

When you receive the next issue of the hunting awards from SCI, you can now start to plan to apply more to the same slams or to go into another one.

I for one think this is a great way to expand your world by traveling out of your circle and go on great adventures, meet some different types of people with their cultures and by harvesting some great and different type of game that you are not used to. By supporting hunting here and where ever you may travel to. Alaway check with your taxidermist like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC for they should like Capp’s will be able to give you a travel pac with very important info on the place you are going to and on and how to receive your hunting trophies back to the taxidermist and to your trophy room-no matter what size.

So if you would like to expand your horizons,I strongly would like to advise to look into joining SCI and start to dream and make the dreams a reality……go have fun

Posted on: Thursday, April 4, 2013

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