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In the summer in Montana, there is nothing better than hiking into the many Mtn lakes in the area. Its the best way to stay or get into shape, not just for the summer but for life.

Many will hike into the lakes like myself and mark it on to the GPS , sit down and eat lunch or a high energy snack , take some pictures with the one that you walked into it with and off you go, back to the trail head or up or down to the upper or lower lake in that chain you are on. The main rush for me anymore is the hike, the mental commitent, the physical  part of it  on walking uphill for hours and miles  a time in the summer heat.

Some do all the above and then will put toghter a pole and start to fish for the native cutthroat trout in the lakes. Most everyone that fishes will catch some of the trout, most will be under 12” in length and I would say about 90% of the fishermen will catch and release the fish. Some will catch the trout and start a small fire and cook them right there on a open fire and eat the high in protein meal for lunch. And then some will catch them and pack them out to eat at home but the only thing wrong with this is that that fish will start to soften up and to spoil on the long walk out in the sun , but some will be on horse back and should have the fish out of the bush and on ice within a hour or so.

If you do happen to connect on a large trout or a different type of trout like a golden trout or to just to have a memories of the trip with a friend or family memeber, then one will have to roughly measure the length and the width of the fish, release it back into the high mtn lake and once back into the commutiy, bring or call the measurements into a professional taxidermy firm like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC and we will take great care into making that menery for you.

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC only uses the best repo’s on the market today with fins that are flexible, bodies that have action in them and in no way look fake or plastic. They are the best ! And then i will professionally  paint the fish back to life with bottom coat of  laquer paints and a top coat of a high gloss enamel, all out of a airbrush

Just bring , call or email the measurements to us with a picture of it or just a description on the colors of the trout so I can paint it back to the same color of the fish that you released back into the lake and will hang on your wall or sit on the table for years to come and everytime you see that great repo done by Capp’s, you will think of that day you hiked miles into that high mtn lake and smile….Go have fun………………………..

Posted on: Sunday, July 14, 2013

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