213 East Park Anaconda, MT 59711
CALL: (406) 560-4195

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC is now a USDA approved estblishment.

All international shipment(s and even if you need it to ship down trophies in the the USA ) can and will be cleared in the studio .

The fee for this service depends on what the shipment is . If 3 or more trophies are mounted here, then the service is free. If you only have one or two trophies done then there will be a charge. If no trophies are mounted at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC or just skulls cleared throught the studio, then you will be charged the full rate.

Before you go,contact Capp’s and we will provide laminted shipping tags for the trophies you will be harvesting. Or one can always tell the export shippers over there to ship to the instructions given to you by Capp’s.

All shipments will be ran throught US customs at the Seatac Wa. port and then trucked to Capp’s where the studio will boil and prepare any items that will need atention,mainly swine and primates. Then I will ship the items to one one the great tanneries that the studio uses, which are great in all aspests of a tan.

So Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC is ONE OF THE MOST PROFESSIONALLY taxidermy studio in the nation. All serves are done under our roof,except for the tanning and I only use the nations best. We mount all of our trophies,have the beetles to clean the skulls,do all our own rugs,birds, retiles and fish with unbelviealbe artisty and realistic turnaround. Will work with our interior designer for you trophy room or just your house. All wooden bases are designed and built here and now we clear your shipments . NOTHING IS SUBCONTRACTED OUT at Capp’s, not like most taxidermy studios. I know of some shops that do nothing but sub work out, so the real artist is never recognized.

Next time you are in need of a true artist—not all are created equal– contact Capp’s, you will not be sorry………………..

Posted on: Monday, September 2, 2013

Capp's Taxidermy Studio, LLC

213 East Park
Anaconda, Montana 59711

CALL: (406) 560-4195


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