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You want to display your hunting trophies in the matter that will show them off the best, define their best features. Then you have to create a plan to do that.

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC has many years of experence in this field. We also have a interior designer to anwser any of your other questions too.

One can just do a little to define the features. Just like redoing a room with new paint, or placing up new 1/2 wood and 1/2 rock,. Or one can do special effect paint on the wall and ceiling. placing in new lighting like spot lighting,canned or puck lights to add shadows on the wall. Then you could just buy some art. grass,trees to add the the room.

One can just have scenes painted behind the game,like mountains,sunsets,jungles,etc…

If you want to can go all out and add on to the house with high ceiling, a hardwood floor,maybe a river rock wall

One should always have a trophy as the main feature of the room. It could be in the middle of the room as a pedestal or the main one on the wall and the others surround it. It could be a pair of elephant tusks  as you come into the room. It could be a lifesized critter in the miidle of the room so everyone can walk around it and see it from different angles with lights just highliting it. It can be anything.

If you realtiy want to go crazy, then build a rock mountain like some sports store have with everything on the rock. Like Mtn. Goats looking down at the top, then have sheep,bears, etc on it and everyone will be noticing the work piece.

In other words, you must use your imagaination and trust the professionals at Capp’s and we will draw up poster boards of the rooms, show you what different types of woods,tiles,etc that will show off your menories the best.

Life is short. Don’t you want to surround yourself with items that will make you happy or do you just want so-so…

Posted on: Sunday, October 6, 2013

Capp's Taxidermy Studio, LLC

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