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Shipping hunting trophies within North America to Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC  is not complicated, it’s quite easy.

If the skin is NOT fleshed and salted and only frozen solid, then you MUST ship it by next day air unless you are within the state of Montana or bordering the state, then regular UPS will do.

If the skin is salted and NOT dried, it MUST be shipped by 2nd or even 3rd air but there must be a lot of salt on the hide.

If the skin is salted and dried or in the case of furs that are just air dried, you can ship it by regular UPS or even USPS as long as you have a tracking number on the packages.

On the shipping container, you must use a leak proof box or otherwise UPS and FEDEX will not deliver it–they are a little weird.

For most items coming out of Alaska and Canada, I recommend wax fish boxes and wrapped with duct tape . They do not leak and can hold the largest of brown bears with no problem.

For all shipments within the USA and even ALASKA and Canada, I would recommend going to the store and buy a plastic tote with the lid. Place the hide in the tote, place some paper inside to absorb any fluids from the hide,  place lid on it and drill holes into the lid edges into the tote’s edges and secure with plastic zip ties and then wrap with duct tape for some of the zip ties will break unless you buy the good ones with wire embedded into the plastic.

On some shipments with alligators, some will just go buy a plastic coolers . Place the skin it with some newspaper and wrap with a lot of duct tape.

When shipping antlers, the skull must be cut in half. , I cut up old lawn hose for  the tips of the  antlers or place cardboard over moose and caribou and then wrap in duct tape. Then the two sides are tape together and  then wrapped in bubble wrap. For horns-sheep-antelope-just wrap and place in box.

Place all paper work, tags, copies of import, export and contact info on the INSIDE of the package, placed in water proof plastic bag, do not place on the outside to adverisize what the package hold, I just do not trust some people.

Write Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC address on the side and on the top with a felt marker but leave room for the shipping label. Insure the package by stating the contains are a HUNTING TROPHY. Do not state exactly what the hunting trophy is, it’s none of their business.

Always ship on a Monday so it has all week to be delvered  on the salted and dried items and up to the middle of the week  for next day air for they don’t delver on weekends

Contacts Capp’s Taxidermy Studio by phone, text or by email with the tracking number when the package is shipped so I can track it and be on the lookout for it

When the shipment comes into the studio, Capp’s will contact you stating it’s in our hands and even take a pix of the shipment for you.

Posted on: Sunday, November 30, 2014

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