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It’s almost time to start hunting fall bear , so it’s also time to learn how to judge a big old male bear.

The 1st thing to look for is the size of the head, if it’s a block head and the ears are just in sight and are on the side of the head, it’s a good bear.

The next is to look at the belly. Does it hang there like a beer belly on people. It should be just above the ground.

The next is does he have a wiggle when he walks. Big bears have a waddle.

The last thing to look for is the look of the face. Males and females have different looks on the face. Most old bears have scars, parts of their ears are missing, some have a limp.

When you finally find that bear, take your time and make sure it’s a male, and not a female- if it’s a girl, watch it for quite a while to make sure she has NO cubs. Sit back and glass it, one can  measure it in your mind by looking at the bear and starting at the head, go one foot,two foot until you hit the back and you will be pretty close

Most hunters see a bear and shoot, they don’t care what it is-a bear is a bear which is wrong

With all the heat hunters are getting from the anti crowd, it’s time to smarten up and only harvest old males that no longer breed, have a great size of a hide to display proudly and consume the meat.

Hunting is different for everyone but for myself, it has to be a male, older the better but it’s mainly about the time in the woods, the physical endurance, it’s not all about harvesting game-that’s nice too though.

When you harvest a mature game animal, you get more meat, a hide or rack of horns you can be proud of and great memories.

Go and have fun

Posted on: Sunday, August 9, 2015

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