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The Tiny 10 of Africa are small size antelope

Most hunters that harvest one of the tiny 10 are always hunting another game animal and most of the time, they harvest the Grey Duiker first.

Other hunters that have been on safari quite a few times plus hunting other places in the world are starting to run out of wall and floor space so they still want to hunt and have adventures that they start to hunt the tiny 10 of Africa

90% of the hunters that harvest some of the tiny 10 will life size the animal just because they do not take up much room.  The smallest one, Bate’s Pgymy Antelope is the size of a medium size cottontail rabbit  to the duikers that would be the same size as a poodle dog

5% with do wall mounts and the last 5% will do shoulder mounts but as pedestals that are stacked, which means that they are all on one base and with room to add more as you go through life.

The hunter that has one on their wish list must  remember is to shoot only solids at them. Any other bullet will create major  damage the skin , and some are only hunted with a shotgun and one must remember never to aim directly at them, aim a little high and hit them with only some of the pellets to keep damage to a minimum.

Taxidermists are not magician, we can only do so much for when the skin arrives at the studio and it’s has a major hole in it, it will have a scar or if there are no ears, feet then that’s how they will be mounted

At Capp’s Taxidermy Studio, we will try to replace or repair any damage and  I can  improvise but that only after 37 yrs of experiencing a lot of damage to all type of skins. Trust only the ones with a lot of experience with your hard earned trophies

Go live life, it has a expiration date.

Posted on: Monday, September 7, 2015

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