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Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC would  like to post what you are going to pay for a guided hunt here in America or any international hunt.

First you have the cost of the hunt, the travel , the hotels or B&B , Tags , etc that you would be aware of

Tips. The going rate for tipping your North America guide is 150.00 per critter and 150.00 to camp help-cook,etc.. For international hunt the going rate is as follows. PH is 500.00 to 1000.00 depending on the type of game hunted and if they worked hard for you. Camp help-cook, cabin help is usually 300.00 max. Skinner/tracker is usually 150.00 to 200.00- if you are going to be cheap, here is not the place IF you want your trophies back in good condition. I will usually tip the skinner the amount above plus I will go buy a skinning knife/sharpen steel here at home and then give them to the skinner along with the cash. The type of knives they work with are dull and large and are worthless in the skinning shack. Plus I always bring small bite size candy like suckers for the help to enjoy cuz they don’t have any and they love them.

Next is to have 50.00 or more in cash , in  5.00 bills to tip the drivers, the police handling your guns, airline personal, to anyone helping you out

So when you harvest a trophy, its skinned and salted or skull cleaned up so if your in Africa they will then go to the taxidermist to be dipped and packed- always bring your trophy back to the USA and support our ecomey .  They will send you a pack list first, read it over and make sure everything you have shot is on the list. example is horns, cape or full skin, skull or skull, full skin. If there is anything missing you must contact them now and point out the problem before you paid their wage. If everything is good to go , they would of sent the banking info to you and you now must go to your bank and wire them the amount due for the pack and dip.  Make sure you read over the bank wire before your bank sends off your money, most of them have never done this before and are clueless too.  Most taxidermist charge from 90.00 to 150.00 per critter plus the permit fees for shipping.

Next after you have paid off the taxidermist over there, they will then hand off your shipment to a freight co in about 3 to 6 months , who will then apply for your export permit and find room on a airline to ship the crate. Most shippers will ship your crate C.O.D. to your customs brokers like Coppersmith but you must make arrangements before hand to do this. Freight  is 800.00 to 2000.00 depending on the weight and size of the crate–elephant is a lot more to sip than a zebra.

If any CITES permits are needed for the game hunted-leopard, elephant, etc. then you must apply for one at the USFG for the sum of 100.00 and are only good for one year

Custom brokers like Coppersmith, is who my studio uses, will charge you a flat rate of 300.00 to clear your shipment. Then they will ship the crate by freight to Capps Taxidermy Studio which will cost somewhere between 70.00 to 400.00 depending on weight.

If any swine or primates or shipments from south Africa or Asia, they must be cleared by USDA and Capp’s Taxidermy Studio is an approved stop for that and the flat file fee is 45.00 min to 300.00, depending on what has to be done to the shipment to make it safe.

Then the final cost is to the US taxidermist for the mounting and shipping the trophies  back to you and you should be aware of all those cost before hand

Posted on: Saturday, December 12, 2015

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