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The best thing to do is after you have checked out your adventure and put the money down is to contact Capp’s Taxidermy Studio llc to discuss the trip, especially if its to Africa.

Capp’s will prepare a international hunting packet for you and if any others that are going to join you. The packet includes shipping tags for the trophies you are going to take that will have all info to get your trophies into the country , POA papers for the custom brokers, travel tips, hunting/gun tips and info on dip and pack businesses versus the taxidermist for pack and dip.

Contact your hunting outfitter and find out where the PH is using for a dip and pack and ask for their email, contact them and ask for a rate list for dip and pack and also references for the pack and dip. Contact the references to ask how long and the cost for the dip and pack . Compare their rates with the pack and dip businesses I have provided and now it’s your time to decide on who to use.

If you use the one a recommend , contact them and see if and when they can pickup your trophies. South Africa is very large and the pack and dip businesses only can service some much of the country.

Always have the trophies picked up at the camp, never have the trophies brought to the taxidermy shop for pickup for the main reason the PH will get a commission from the taxidermy shop (look at the previos article on this blog) and then will charge you a fee for storage and once added up with all the pack and dip charges, you will not save any money .

Once you have returned home from the trip, contact Capp’s Taxidermy Studio llc to discuss the trophy list, travel, etc.

Then fill out the POA papers and send them off to the custom brokers

Place Capp’s in your emails to brokers and to Africa so if there is any questions or problems, Capp’s will be able to help you

Once you have wired your money to the dip and pack business, it will take 4 months to have your trophies ready to be handed over to the shippers and once angain you will receive a notice that you can pay them by wired money or on some, you can ship them over by COD on your credit card on file at the brokers

Once cleared, the crates will be shipped to Capp’s Taxidermy Studio llc and will be cleared at the studio because Capp’s is a USDA approved establishment.

You will then be invoiced for a down payment of 35% to 50% of total taxidermy rates. Once received the skins will be sent to a tannery that specially is international game animals.

After the items are received back from the tannery, you will be contacted for instruction on how you would like your trophies done. The forms will be altered and the horns-if any-will be placed on them, photo’s will be taken and sent to you for your approval . Nothing will be mounted  without the clients approval. Photo’s will be taken during the process to keep the client informed.

Once completed and paid for the trophies will be placed into wooden crates and shipped to the client with Capp’s MAJOR discounted freight discounts.

Capp’s is  a very professional studio. I’m involved in every part of the safari from start to finish so my clients don’t have to worry about certain items.

Use my studio once, you will be a client forever…

Posted on: Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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