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There it is, a trophy Serval cat, you take aim with a solid bullet- so you do not blow a huge hole in it and boom, it’s down. Hands are shaken, high fives, etc.    Back to the truck with the quarry and head back to camp . Once in camp the skinner is in charge of the day’s harvest. He starts to skin your trophy out and after a 1/2 hour he is done with his chore and the skin is now headed to the salt—flash to the future when the taxidermist is informing you that the tannery called him today to inform you that the Serval cat in your order has been rejected cuz of the grease was not taken out of the hide BEFORE salting . The hide with a grease problem usually falls apart like a wet tissue-totally unrepairable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had to tell some clients that their small African cats and some non-game trophies were lost to not treating the skin properly in the field and or back at camp.

Here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we tell the clients how to treat certain types of animals before they leave for the hunt but once they have taken the animal they listen to the PH when they say-oh the skinners know how to take care of the trophy-Bullshit, They know nothing but to salt it, they are not tanners or taxidermist, they are skinners and trackers and they don’t care either so take charge cuz once its rejected, you paid that trophy fee for just a photo, nothing else

So if you want to be looking at your trophy, listen to Capp’s Taxidermy Studio and not to anyone else.

All small and large African cats, porcupines, hares, and some other game ( some  north American bears also should be prepped with cornmeal too) must be skinned and then rub good old cornmeal on the hide and rub it again and again  and then leave it in the pile of cornmeal for a hour and then replace the cornmeal and do it all over again and only then rub and salt into the skin.

Without the cornmeal the hide has a survival rate of 20%, and that sucks when you think of the time and money you are betting on

The best advice ever, listen to the one that knows what the hell they are talking about, the ones that day in and day out handle, Capp’s Taxidermy Studio llc and not the ones that think they know everything but have never touch on in the real world.

It’s your money, your trophy, your memoirs so take charge and demand that the trophies be prepared the right way and not the normal way, you will not be sorry.

Posted on: Thursday, August 4, 2016

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