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There you are, on an international hunting adventure, sitting around after the hunt sipping a nice cold beer and your PH ask you ‘’ where are you going to have your hunting trophies mounted at mate’’ and you may respond “ I’m going to have Billy Bob do them down the street where I live, he does a killer squirrel’’. The PH then says “ Well that’s all fine and good but I know a super guy that just does a fabulous job and it’s best that you have a native African do the work just for the reason that he see these critters all the time. He will come here and grab them , mount them right up within 5 months and then ship them to you in the USA and he is a lot cheaper that any US taxidermist and I highly recommend him.’’

Over the time of the hunt you became friends with the PH and you trust his option and now you don’t want to disappoint him so you agree to do as he stated.

Congratulations , you have now been hustled . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me now tell you what had happen. The primary reason that your PH recommend this joker is because he get a kick back-commission from him. Its not that he wants to hose you because he has some influence on your decisions, its just his main motivation is MONEY. Everyone is looking for a way to generate more income.

Commissions are increasing throughout the world as some taxidermist attempt to stay busy by buying work. It avoids having to go to conventions, buying ads or even building a solid reputation. In some cases, these taxidermist are good people and do a nice job, but most cases they are not and good luck getting your trophies back. Do your homework before saying yep.

My little pet peeve is that the client comes to you stating that they are going hunting and are in need of shipping tags, etc.. and when they are done with the hunt, they get con to all above and don’t have the nerve to contact you when they get back to state it. But here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio I will contact them with a certain amount of time and if they don’t respond, I will send them a invoice for services rendered . Its only far that you pay for my time, material and shipping them to you, right..

Here at Capp’s, we do not pay commissions for taxidermy work, if a PH, hunting agent, outfitter or whoever they are doing it because they believe in my artistry.

The main reason I’m writing this is to have the client do the following. You should support your home country , spend money where you make your money. Support Americans !!

Last is to do your homework, check out the taxidermist-there and or here and just because you may live in say Texas that does not mean you have to use a taxidermist in that state . About 80% of Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC clients are out of the state of Montana and some outside the country of the USA, for the reasons of GREAT discounts on shipping, professionalism, experience and a great sense of artistry.

In other words, open your mind and your world, think outside of the box and try one of the country’s best studio.

Have amazing time

Posted on: Monday, January 2, 2017

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