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Here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio  we advise our clients  on the do’s and don’ts of  The hunting world.

That could be some advice when you’re shooting, what to shoot, skinning, trophy evaluation, where and where not to go for a certain trophy, international hunting  and who to book with. We know some amazing hunting consultants that are very professional and will help you every step of the way. It could be a hunting consultant for Hunting wtdeer or  for hunting hogs or water buffalo in Australia or going on your first safari in Africa.

These hunting consultants that I recommend only do a certain  tupes of hunt for example one will be just for North America one will be just for Russia one will be just for Africa.

I do not get a commission or anything by recommending these hunting consultants. This cost nothing to you to book with a professional hunting consultant, the outfitter pays them a commission not you so I would highly recommend taking my advice and only  book  with these types of individuals. I only recommend services that have and will utilize my Taxidermy services  and or that I have personally worked with.

The world is full of outfitters some very good some are very shaky and wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole  and you really don’t know which ones to and trust with.

It’s like some outfits in Africa  hunters have gone over there and hunted with them before and they think they are now friends with the pH, don’t get me wrong some do you become friends but most of them say anything while you’re there to have them utilize whatever they say to do with your money . For example this pH tells you to bring all your friends over there next time but if you search around you will find out that his quality of animals is not very good and the pricing is not very good but  he is your friend and you don’t question it. Always remember to think outside the box  and don’t listen to fake news/propaganda . Then when it comes to the pack and dip they recommend only people/firms that are going to pay him a commission and then that taxidermy shop only uses a certain shipper that pays the taxidermist a commission and the shipper only recommends you going through a custom broker that pays him commission so everybody’s trying to get money here.

You need a neutral  advisor in your corner that receives no commissions from anybody. I will tell you the real story why and how and where to use this knowledge .  If you are or  going to be come a client of mine my services are free, so you can’t go wrong.

My clients that are going international will receive my international hunting pack which includes tons of information, laminated shipping tags so you know who’s is who’s and they also have all the information anybody will need to ship their trophies home . Just for an example if you book your taxidermy services with me I will tell you which pack and dip in  Africa to use. I will tell you to include me into your emails so all of my 40 years experience on doing African trophies  can be applied to your advantage. I will tell you which shippers to used to get your trophies into the states, I will tell you where and who to use as a trophy custom broker.

Or if you’re just hunting North America going for Alaskan brown bear, BC moose or just lucky enough to draw a sheep goat or moose or any tag in the lower 48 . I give you advice on the skinning and if any questions you can call or FaceTime the Studio and  all trophies can be shipped to me with little or no Problems

Capp’s Taxidermy Studio is NOT  your local shop. The shop may be in Montana but I have done amazing Wildlife artistry from animals all over the world.

 Capp’s taxidermy studio is one of the best studios in North America , your best choice for a global wildlife artistry

Posted on: Saturday, January 13, 2018

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