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Its show season

Where outfitters ,guides ,artist taxidermist , merchandisers etc. etc. usually always go to Shows.

But the main reason to meet some amazing people and to  get new business.

Most  people that go to the shows are looking for something special and they can be the ones right at the get go of the show  or they could be the very last person you talk to you as you’re tearing down your booth. It doesn’t matter when  you talk to  them as  long as they find you and talk to you.

Most asked very intelligent questions and they have been quite a few places so they have some experience behind them. Don’t get me wrong you always get a lot a tire kickers  or families just wanting to get out and about all have a story.

It amazes me how many people have been on certain adventures. By looking at them you would never think that that this person just came back from Africa or this one was in Turkey hunting Marco Polo,  total amazement but that’s why the venders  and the participants of the show go to the show.

Myself, owner of my Capps taxidermy studio LLC likes to go to the mule deer foundation convention in Salt Lake City Utah and have for the past few years now . Some will go to Sci, elk foundation, sheep convention and so on.

Every year it’s different. Some days are better than others. It’s usually feast or  famine which means you’re talking to the one would be client and there’s two others lined up wanting to talk to you also about certain things so you’re trying to shuffle everything around and try to please everybody.   Certain times of the day are very slow and you get that convention stare as your checking for messages on your phone or writing down the new information on the clients that are booking with you at the show  so you can contact them before their adventure starts. When Capp’s taxidermy studio has an interested client in booking their taxidermy work with my Studio, I first talk to them at the show , which is always too short , then later contact with them by email to see if they are still interested  in letting  my studio complete your artistry. Once I  have been given the OK I will then mail them off my international hunting package which includes very valuable information.

It contains laminated trophy tags that are affixed to the trophies they’re harvesting which on them also includes all the information the dip and pac will require to ship their trophies home. Also includes custom brokers information and USDA approved establishment information which is my studio Capp’s taxidermy studio LLC.

It also comes with  POA papers ,  dip and pack literature, references, US custom literature. All the information in this package will save the client lots of headaches time and money.

Then once the client comes back form  his or her adventure they can tie me into their emails when corresponding with the company that has their trophy skins and if there’s any problems or hiccups which they’re always is I will tell them how to resolve the problem or take care of it myself.

My travel pack is all free to my clients only.

When talking to future clients I am amazed that most of them do not have no idea on how their trophies are going to come home. They assume that their pH or outfitter will take care of everything for them. And some cases they do but they’re going to be very costly. ( read my other articles on this blog for more information on that subject )

My main purpose I’m giving out these travel packs is to save you money and to have your adventure go  smooth and without a hitch  which it will if you listen to me.

I’ve traveled and hunted in a lot of places plus I have been doing global taxidermy artistry for over 40 years and after listening to all my clients that have travel abroad and what their hiccups were  I pass on to my new clients. It all boils down to experience

Your show season is always January and February at the new year and most vendors like myself love to go, the only downfall from living in the north is traveling in crappy weather with horrible road conditions but you have to  put yourself out there yeah if you want some amazing business, it will come and find you you have to go find it.

So if you never been to a show , GO , go have fun and you always come home learning some new experiences by talking to some amazing people .  Hopefully the worst thing that can happen to you is that you spend some money and book an adventurous hunt for the animal thats always been on your bucket list and when you do remember to contact a real master global wildlife taxidermy artists at Capps Taxidermy Studio LLC ,   You will not be disappointed, guaranteed.

Life has an expiration date ,use it or use it.

Thanks for reading

Posted on: Sunday, March 18, 2018

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