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Bear hunting can be an amazing adventure. Once the bear has been harvested The real work starts.

One will need to know exactly how he would like this trophy preserved. Does he want a life-size or does he want a rug made out of his trophy. 
Its time to now measure the height so the master Taxidermist at Capps taxidermy studio LLC can re-create your trophy.
How one measures the bear skin to see the true size of the bear is simple, one measures from the nose to the tail,period. 
Most guides will measure from height foot to knows nose,  from front foot to front foot and then divide it by 144 and they have their squares.
The only thing wrong with this is not the true measurement , The true measurement is only from the nose to tail.
So a 6 foot bear all of a sudden can become an 8 foot bear and once it comes back from the Tannery and the Taxidermist gets a hold of the client saying this is the measurement of the bear they say no you are are off a couple feet because my guy squared it at this measurement.

I know there is  ground shrinkage and there is some shrinkage at the Tannery but once it is re-hydrated and stretched that is the true measurement, The skin never lies 

The taxidermist all of a sudden becomes the bad guy because he is saying the skin only measures this and this is true, not what that guide  says.
The reason the guide or outfitters say this is just boost the ego of the hunter.

The outfit then can claim we only shoot 10 foot bears, on brown bear hunts, so they can use that in their advertising.

I get quite a few bears from Alaska and Russia and I can tell the size of the bear just by the weight of the hide once it is received in my studio.
I don't know how many times I have received a 6 1/2/-7 foot bear and the owner of the bear claims it is a 9 foot bear which is total BS but the guide or the outfit don't care they only care about their end of the bargain so the Taxidermist becomes the bad guy.

So next time you harvest a bear you can do two things.
You can measure the pad on the front foot of the bear and if it's over 7 inches you subtract an inch and if it's under 6 inches you add an inch and that is your true measurement of your bear.
Or you can measure from nose To base of tail and that is also the true measurement of your bear.

If you are considering doing a live size mount one should always measure from nose to tail with the tape measure and also measure around the stomach area and circumference if you are considering doing a life size mount one should always measure from nose to tail with a Metal tape measure and also the circumference of his body. Measure from nose to I and then from nose to the back of his skull and one last measurement would be the neck measurement right at base of skull.

The more measurements you can give the master Taxidermist at Capps taxidermy studio LLC the better your amount will turn out since most bear forms have to be re-sculpted to match the skin of your trophy. The best before you go is the contact the artist at Capps taxidermy studio llc so we can give you instructions on how the item is to be preserved

I can always go to my website at www.globalwildlifeartistry.net to look over the master pieces of artwork created by Capps taxidermy studio LLC.


Posted on: Saturday, November 16, 2019

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