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These are definitely crazy times.

With this worldwide virus that has everybody running scared and buying all the TP in the world.
Capp's taxidermy studio is still open for business.
Always creating new wildlife taxidermy artistry every day.

We struggle with some of the problems that this virus has caused but it may take some months to get everything back to normal but that is why this studio is a professional shop and the clients will never know anything is wrong.
Such as the Tannery will not do any more pick ups in their own semi's because they are running scared and some clients do not want to leave their homes here because of the fear, and that is their choice.

The best advice I can give you is wash your hands when you are in contact with something that somebody else can be in contact with and quit watching the fear the media is spreading by their news stations and by social media.

For my international Hunting clients that will not be going bear hunting this spring in Russia for they have quit issuing visas to enter their country. New Zealand has a 14 day quarantine which is completely undoable for the hard-working Hunter. And Africa just close their borders. So hopefully your outfitter can reschedule your hunt for a later date this year or next year when your and his schedules work together.The only bad news is you will not get a complete refund or any refund from the airlines that you already booked.

The studio is now offering a new business which will be consulting/advising/coaching on two different fronts.
The first would be for worldwide hunting/travelers on what to do what not to do, who to book with , who not to book with, pack and dip , shippers for your trophies etc. etc. etc.

This I must put in is that I'm not a hunt booking service. I am just going to advise you on what to do and what not to do when booking any type of adventure 

 Do I know everything, hell no but after doing Hunting and traveling for over 42 years I think I know a little bit more than the average guy.

The second consulting/coaching/advising will be for entrepreneurs that have or going to start a business and trying to make money from anything in the outdoors, such as hunting, fishing, hiking, etc. etc. etc. this is for the business and, the part that makes you money or takes it from you such as advertising, URL design, etc. Here again I've been doing business in the outdoor service business for 42 years and they've been successful 42 years.

rates will be on an hourly basis only. Any parties interested you can contact me by email at mtcougartracker@aol.com and or buy my website at www.african-Taxidermy.com

These  are definitely changing times but if we keep our wits to us and think of the other person, just not me,me we were all get through this craziness.

 You must believe within to see the results on the outside.

Everybody stay safe and sane.

Posted on: Saturday, March 21, 2020

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