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The old saying is you get what you pay for.

This is extremely true when creating taxidermy art it is very very true.
There is a ton of professionals and there is even more part-time Taxidermist than ever.

Most people have a Horn envy and never look at the mount. The mount could be cross eyed or with a purple mohawk but all the people do is look at the size of the horns or on predators the size of the animals head

When you go to a professional like Capps taxidermy studio LLC you get unbelievable quality of your trophy 

Taxidermy is no more and creating memories, it is not a Flippin ego like some of these idiots think just like some that have never hunted and thinks-if that is what it's called , because he shot it he wants to hang on the wall so I can brag about it ,well honestly I think there is people like that and they are rare and in my opinion super idiot but then again that is my opinion.

42 years of doing this type of work full-time as a master GlobalWildlife taxidermy artist I have seen every type of person areas. Some that are super grateful ,some are touchy and Feely and those are the ones that you really have to watch out for because they're touching and feeling the whole mount and said ,well there's a scar here there's a seam here and it's like duh what the hell do you expect if I cut myself you're going to see a scar you're going to feel a scar.

Taxidermist are not magicians ,if you're that type of person that touchy-feely please go to the scab that only does it part time and has a full-time job somewhere else and does it on the side ,that would make Wildlife taxidermy artist like myself happy

I only enjoy very grateful , open minded clients that love to travel and do adventures and you're not worried about saving a nickel here or nickel there.
They are open minded and basically know what they want and how they want the piece to look like and they do not want the ordinary crap

They want to go out on a limb and have something with adventure with action. Clients at love doing dioramas are extremely high in my book because they have the room and they want an adventure scene. It may be a sheep running down the hill that you can put in your 8 foot ceiling instead of just a shoulder mount with a mount looking out into space straight or Brown Bear or Black Bear with a kill or fish with a stream running by it.
The same all same all contrite living a little better, open your mind.

These mounts are built to last forever so if you don't think it should look like this maybe you should consider other people that are going to come in to your space and look at it or your family members that are going to inherit this item and what they would like to deal with or if they sell it ,are they going to sell it on eBay for two pennies or they going to give it away to a sporting good store as a tax write off where thousands and thousands of people will it appreciate it.
think of the future.
Here at Capps taxidermy studio LLC we only use the very best of the best items on the market to recapture the memory of your hunt. If you are the type that are always trying to barter or nickel and dime stuff, please go somewhere else just because You think you're doing yourself a favor but you're actually hurting yourself.
I know of guys had gone on cull Hunts where they only have one horn and they ask you can fix it and if it's a straight one yeah but if it's a curved or ring horn ,enjoy looking at the skull the one horn unicorn that you paid for only paid a nickel on the dollar for it if you really want an amazing mount,you would actually pay a little bit more and have a great memory.

And if you don't wanna do that bring your child no matter how old they are or your Grandkids or great grandkids. Give them a memory stupid

 But the old saying you only get what you pay for is very very true.
If you come in here to my studio at Capps taxidermy studio LLC and start nickel and dime me and say well I would like to get a discount and by some small chance of a snowball surviving in hell that I give you one I am going to cut corners. The shop only uses the top of the line items and and they are not free so if you're asking me to cutting the price ,I am  going to cut the material and believe me you should notice if you have a clue but like I said before people don't give a shit about that they only give a crap about the size of the rack

Go to a professional studio ,don't dicker ,don't whine ,don't complain , don't bitch and don't be a touchy-feely guy, in some states that's against the law LOL.

Just be happy you're getting an amazing Flippin Mount that you can show off and brag about for the rest of your life.
You're worried about when you die what happens to the Mount, who gives a rats ass. They are your memories ,no one else's and when you're dead and gone your memories go with you unless you had somebody with you when you harvested it 

So basically live in the now and enjoy it as a mount is made to be never touched by human hands after it is completed. You can clean them with a rag or a feather duster or air but you are never ever supposed to to touch the mount once it leaves the Taxidermist studio, and if you have a problem with trying to comprehend that then you have a weird problem 

So in closing I wish all open minded clients everywhere in the world to have amazing day and go sit back in your place and  have a beverage ,relive your adventure every time you look at an amazing piece done by Capps taxidermy studio LLC

Posted on: Sunday, August 30, 2020

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