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The following is my opinion on what kills having a person to have taxidermy done more than anything.

First in this 2 part article is procrastination.

And there’s a few causes and stages.

One would be that you take everything for granted, yes you. Some examples of excuses are Oh there are many more where that one came , or I’ll wait till I get a bigger one or one with more color or etc.

For example some people will harvest a mt lion or bear and they are locals in that area and they just have a tan for now, or I’ll just keep it in the freezer it’ll keep, ha ha ,right, out of site, out of mind, you will never commit to mounting the trophy cuz you will always use the excuse of getting a bigger one, then why the hell did you shoot it.
Some people will be under peer pressure from other people to do weird things but really, are you still in high school and care what other’s people think of you , or they shot young predators and think they are saving deer, elk etc, from what, chewing on their legs cuz they sure as hell can’t kill them. If you want trophy sized game you have to eat tags and let the little ones go.

I’m a trophy hunter and dam proud of it cuz my meaning of a trophy hunter is that I only harvest old bigger game,that don’t longer hang with the herd, why, cuz they have almost double the meat on them compared to a 2 pt or a rag bull plus you get a trophy you are dam proud of. Wow, did I drift on that one ????

Another phase is they are nickel and dime people which means they can’t afford to do anything with the item, it’s their mentality, it’s the way they were brought up, scarcity, they live pay check to pay check and never have money to spend but they sure can spend it on their addictions, smokes, booze , new autos etc , etc Here again they are never trying to better themselves, Get a better job, learn more skills, if you want to get rich then you must provide something that other people will pay you for and you must be dam good at it.

These type of people can only have skulls done and they will always boil them themselves, and or if they are thinking of have an item mounted they will try to negotiate with you on the price. I hate to tell you this if this is you but right off the get go most entrepreneurs will be thinking as you are talking that “great , I have a total idiot here and a cheap ass and they will never be happy with anything I do “ and if the entrepreneur is smart he will say no , nicely cuz in the long run this person will come back years later and bite him, take my word on that one .

You get what you pay for

Other phase is the “someday guy” This is the person that goes on a international hunt and once the trophies are shipped back to him , he will get let them sit there in the crate and someday he will get around to getting them done, ha

The main reasons for this is he didn’t think it would cost as much as it did, yes international hunting is pricey but can be budgeted.
Other reason for not committing on doing anything with them is again having other people think for him. Some people, especially for some African antelope think they are homely
he was damn proud when he harvest them but when he started showing people what he has taken over there there’s are always some idiots asking why would you ever shoot something that ugly or the best one I love is why would you go to the corral and shoot a zebra.

Well, I hate to tell you, but these morons Will never travel outside their state to hunt, and God forbid if they paid anybody to do so.

Start thinking for yourself ,I see this so much.

It is so crazy that people are so misunderstood.

I used to bring small antelope to trade shows in my booth like aDuiker or steenbok and I finally quit doing that because I got tired of all the stupid morons going on about the pretty baby deer and who would ever shoot a baby deer. I’m not going into that one because then we would be taking up some space, but. like I say, you can’t fix stupid.

So, in my opinion, if you’re not going to utilize an animal, then don’t harvest it.

Posted on: Friday, February 24, 2023

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