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I would highly recommend go and read part one first, and then come back to part two. Its your choice, but here we go.

The next main killer in the taxidermy world is running out of room. Everybody does this and it doesn’t take very long.

Once you start mounting your game, you have to start considering on how you would like to do them, but also have room for the ones coming up.
It could be yours , your wife’s or could be your kids trophies but you gotta be able to imagine into the future.

Not saying you have to build a giant monster trophy room., Which would be flipping amazing with all the possibilities of being able to fill it but unrealistics we all live in a shoebox of a house and can only put so many in the garage, the shed are the kids playhouse in the backyard and you just have to do whatever the hell you need to do.
I have some amazing clients that they’ll throw out a couch cause they only need one in the front room to make room for pedestal mount or life-size mounts. But that ain’t most people, too bad.

If you are building a trophy room, you have to think in advance on how to build it. and I would highly recommend talking to a taxidermy studio like myself ,Capp’s Taxidermy’s Studio that will give you the ideas you really really need.

So I’d highly recommend only mount the animals that you harvested that have a very special meaning.
Very special memory with you yourself or with a family member.

And that’s all taxidermy really is, is only for the memories. And if you’re doing it for the eagle and you got like bigger problems that you know.
I can sit or walk around all my trophies, and I can remember exactly every detail, the weather, who I was with, how long of a pack out, etc. etc. etc. otherwise you’ll be like me and running out of room ,extremely fast and i have so many more trophies to put up. Some people just take pictures and don’t do anything else with them and that’s their prerogative that sure as hell ain’t mine.

I like being able to see the beauty of the animal.

That’s why most people don’t get a fish mounted, especially like a big trout because they think it’s phony looking, Well, I hate to tell you if you were underwater where they belong and if you were underwater with them, they would think you look like an enormous, strange looking idiot too.

So the best thing I would recommend, considering a pose for your trophies, is to combine them.
Do stacks, which means you could put up to seven critters on one pedestal, depending on the size you just can’t put seven elephants on, unless you have a crane to move them, but that is what I would highly recommend.

If you already have wall mounts that hang on the wall that are basically like deer, you can still make stacks out of them on one pedestal if you can find a talented taxidermist like myself and my studio that could handle a job like that.

You always have options.
Well rounded trophy room should have wall mounts, pedestal mounts that are either stacked or singles, birds, two or more if you’re into that type of hunting, , a couple rugs and boy oh boy rugs should only go on the ceiling if it’s an arched ceiling nobody really uses the ceiling and that is a great place to place real large rugs cause rugs take up a lot and I mean a lot of room because you can’t really throw them on the floor and have some person come in and walk all over him kicking a ear off. oh, what the hell. no ceilings are perfect for that and then of course a couple fish.

If you do fish and you like saltwater fishing, then a big marlin and a sailfish it’s gonna really take up room so if you have tall ceilings , you can slap them right next to the ceiling on the wall.

Then the final piece would be, of course a few European skull mounts that will really enhance your room.

Then, of course, a couple drawings ,pictures or paintings, but they really need to be small.

The next thing is when you are building one make sure the windows are on the north side.

It doesn’t get much sunshine and if there’s windows , Make them small and placed them right down by your knees ,that way you can see out ,you get natural light in, but it does not hurt the taxidermy mount which by the way. cost you A lot of money and if they get sunbleached or bugs, (that’s a whole different subject, and that will be a blog, someday.) they will become worthless.

So take care of these mounts. They are very fragile and please do not be a touchy short of a person that has To be catching something all the time.
If you really wanna preserve them ,keep your hands to yourself and never touch.

Why you ask ,because They are not your damn pet and also it’s really weird but your hands have oil on them and after time that gets on the mount and if it’s North American game hoofed animals have hollow hair, And every time you have to stroke one you break the hair, which is very easy to do , then they will start to shed and will look stupid after time, so please keep your dam hands in your pocket.

If you live in a shoebox you just have to improvise and take my advice because like I said, before taxidermy mounts are great memories and you get to relive them every time you look at an amazing amount.

If you’re only gonna do one or two mounts well, then you wasted your time reading this article, but if you are a type of hunter that likes twins express themselves then think. Oh yeah, by the way ,national average says the average Hunter will have maximum four mounts done in their lifetime. One of course is a deer. Next would be a fish and a bird and then whatever the hell else comes out but only four, really , what the hellI  hate to say this, if that is you get the hell off the couch and go hunting, go enjoy life, life is short and who gives a shit on what people think this is your life not theirs go enjoy it and put stuff up on the wall dude.

Once you die, you will leave these trophies to your family members, yeah I bet some are really happy :) but hopefully they will save some of them, but they can’t save all of them so they’re gonna need to turn around and sell them and I have been asked numerous times.

What are you gonna do? What is your family going to do with all this stuff and believe me I have a lot of items ,when you die, and I basically look at the person And say nicely :), I basically don’t give a shit because they are my memories and I’m dead but I wrote a blog article and scroll down, and you’ll find it’s somewhere in this blog, that basically tells you what to do.

So in closing this long blog article I would highly recommend contacting a true professional, like myself or my studio at www.globalwildlifeartistry.net
To learn how not to run out of room.

Posted on: Monday, March 27, 2023

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