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Politics are everywhere. Here in Montana , they are controlling the Fish &Game dept. and under the current administration they have totally screwed up the animal populations. They live in a fantasy world when it comes to counting the game numbers. They fly in the spring/winter parts of the months but never use ground cover to count the numbers and then they add in a number for the ones they never seen. Take for example the bighorn sheep in the western part of the state. They never go a field to count, they count from the roads and they don’t get the real numbers and so they overpopulate and then the main 3 herds of sheep all got sick and they lost over 80% of the herds ,why,cuz they all play the politic game. In this part of Montana they have screwed up and now we do not have any more hunting areas for moose,sheep and mt goat and no one holds them accountable. They blame the wolves and sure,they hold a little of the blame-not just wolves but all predators–but the truth is that the politics of mt fish and &game is the real problem . The biologists do the work and then sent the info to the main guy in Helena and then they decide if the numbers are real or not and then they make the decision on the numbers to hunt. Some of the biologist’s are from out side of this state and just don’t understand the game. If the numbers are down-which is their fault- they will close an area ,even if they have a small,hunt able numbers. It’s like Africa, if there is no hunting allowed,the game all suffer from poaching,etc.. but if there is hunting,the villages all get the meat,a % of the trophy fees,jobs from the hunting camps and the economy go up in those areas but no matter what you tell these people,they just do not listen and who suffers, the business,like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC, the people that work with the wildlife and finally, the game suffer.They are a bullet/hook club which means that they must harvest game with the sportsmen to stay in business but some still don’t get it. There is so many ways that they can improve everything but they don’t listen . So the out of state hunters are not coming here it hunt and why should they. Now, for the last 2 years the out-of-state licenses are not selling out and in the next session they will be trimming the fat and I can only hope they lose the fat and learn to listen to the sportsmen that pay their way. We can only HOPE that the new administration wakes up and does it right.

Posted on: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bring the trophies back to be mounted in the USA. Some international hunters go over there, Africa, etc.. and they leave them there to be mounted for they THINK they are getting a deal. Yes there money is less than the USA dollar but lets look at the facts. Their tans for the mounting process is not a tan but its only pickled. I have had others tan for example their zebras flat skin and every summer when it gets warm, the hide will start to smell and that’s cuz its only pickled but they got a great deal on it. and I have done some of their so called tans and they are not tans,they have zero stretch,they are not tumbled in hardwood dust but rather in skin shaving,they drum when they dry and believe me its a mount that I would not put my name on. They hire anyone that can do the job and when he quits, there are a line on people to take their place. The main taxidermist is good but he is not doing your work.They are using harmful chemicals on your skins and yes they may cause harm if you are a round of them enough. Bring them home to a professional taxidermist here.If you do not know where to bring them,check around by the web,etc. You do not have to bring them to the guy down the street that only does a great job on deer but dosen’t do much on a eland. You can go with the big shops that have big overhead and also big rates to go with it. Here  Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we are a small professional business that the studio is in a professional building located in the business section of the town so I do not do it out of  my home so I have double the bills -power,taxes,etc than the one that does the work out of their house.This is full time professional studio that does everything under one roof except for tanning,that’s why I pay the pros for. The small business man assumes all the responsibly by hiring talented worker,paying the salaries,taxes,and supporting the economy,local and national. When you leave your work over there you are not supporting America. True its your money but put yourself in the small business man shoes and see a different world. The USA taxidermist must rely on hunters bringing in their work to survive, they are not on a salary like most are and that’s the difference. They pay for everything them self and work many more hours just so they can support their families. They say its a lot cheaper to have the trophies done over there but its not when its all said for. None of my mounts have yet to smile at you when completed.All the mounts and sculpture’s are very detailed and lifelike and if you have a problem with them,just call or visit the studio, you can’t do that if you leave them over there.

Posted on: Saturday, October 27, 2012

I think  that youth hunting is great. In Montana youth hunting starts 2 days before the general season  and many kids are just happy to get to hunt deer before the real season starts.The best way to get youth or grown ups to get hooked on hunting is to start them out shooting trap. Take them out to a range or do like I do is to go out to the woods and throw clay pigeons up for the newbie and let them try to hit them, they will miss more than they will hit. Do this many times over the summer and then take them out bird hunting–duck,grouse,etc.. and that way they can shoot at any bird that flies over them and its fun. Most people that hate shooting guns have never tried it and have never had the people that would take the time to teach them the right way to do it. Most states have youth hunts for big game and birds and if done right with mom and dad it will have a great memory for them to remember forever. And the 1st harvest the parents must have them mounted-shoulder mounts,skulls,tanning of hides,etc..here at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we encourage the whole family to get involved and have a great time every time you head for the woods. The studio puts up quite a few memories every season for the youth hunter and most are girls.Go out and have fun.

Posted on: Saturday, October 20, 2012

There is your game,you take the shot and a few minutes later you are standing over your kill. Ok , take some pictures of the harvest and now what. The temp is between 50 and 90 and you are wondering what to do now. First of all now is the time to start on the trophy, its not the time to go find your hunting friend or to talk about the hunt, its time to start on the trophy. You now must skin out the game animal by starting to anline the animal on its stomach and by skinning the animal down its back. Start by placing the knife where the head joins the neck and making the main cut all the way to the tail of the animal, even if you are only going to do a shoulder mount. Skin the hide off the animal and cut off the back half if you are only doing a shoulder mount and then cut the quarters,back straps,etc.. off the animal and place the meat on the back half. Then you must skin out the head, its easy and just take your time. Start by cutting a Y cut to each horn and the start on the face. After its off you will need to keep it cool  in the shade or whatever to keep it cold.You can fold the skin in half so its skin to skin and the hair on the outside. You can throw in some sticks in the inside of the cape/ hide so air can move around inside the skin. You can let it air dry a little but not so much that it is hard or getting a film on it. If you are camping you should have some fine salt and if so rub the amount of salt you have on the flesh and rub and rub again so you are not missing any of the flesh. If no salt then you must get going..start back packing the trophy out . If you have any unskinned parts of the trophy you are packing out you must leave that part out when you roll up the skin for the pack out, For example a bear, leave the head and feet out for they still have body heat on the unskinned parts.When you arrive at the truck,camp you must keep the skin cool,place it in the shade,on ice,whatever but its your responsible. When driving in you should be calling the taxidermist like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC and meet them at the studio so the pros can get the skin in the salt or if you are going  home, you can freeze it as long as there is no bad smell starting. My Otto is if you can freeze it,freeze it..!!!. The main thing is to think,simple as that and don’t get lazy, improvise and think it will be OK or I can not save the skin so I better just do the meat,its the same dam thing. I have had stupid people do that and if you can save the meat then you can save the trophy so that is never a excuse. I recently had a sheep hunter harvest a bighorn ram and never took the time to learn what to do for the meat or skin and when the outfitter was 1 day late, he blamed the outfitter when the skin spoiled and most of the meat too. He never knew how to skin or cut the animal so it could and should of been saved, or all he gets out of the hunt of a lifetime is a skull mount, what a waste. Before you go,call the taxidermist, it will save the trophy now and years later if you ever harvest one in the summer heat.

Posted on: Sunday, September 23, 2012

The different types of animals that are not harvested for a score of the rack or the skull can be the most beautiful mount of them all. I do a lot of those types of like a gopher,porky,carp,or even a giraffe. Take for an example the common type of carp are very stunning in colors and the memories of bow fishing for them is so great that they make a great looking mount. But before one can do these types of mount one must have a open mind and not a closed mind. Most people that see those types of mount and are from the area that has those types of animals and take them for grated and wonder who would ever mount that type of animaL. Simple, one that doesn’t have a closed mind. I, at Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC recently finished another pedestal giraffe with trees and habitat all around it on a oak base and they are -in opinion- are the most beautiful mount one can ever have, if you have the ceilings for one. But some can not see the trees for the forest. Mount anything you have the most fun and the best memories of and proudly display it and never listen to the poor type of people that will never have a open mind.

Posted on: Sunday, August 26, 2012

Its time to fish, hunt internationally,bowfish, hike into some mtn lakes,shoot cans, anything. Do something people. You will live longer if you get out and do something with the family,friends etc..Summer will soon be over and it will be time for winter so go enjoy the summer.That is why I have not wrote on the blog this summ,way too many things going on .If you harvest something good, call or visit Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC.

Posted on: Thursday, August 9, 2012

I don’t care what you are buying, chances are there are some kind of hidden costs. Well the hunting world is no difference. You save and save for that great hunting trip you have been dreaming  of forever and now it’s time to go where ever you are going . All goes well during the hunt/ fishing trip but it’s when you are done with the adventure , they start to nickel and dime you on items that you thought were included in the adventure. Say you are hunting internationally and now you are bring some of your trophies to the taxidermist and now you find out that each one of those trophies are going to cost you money to have them dip and packed and also for the trophies to be delivered to him. I  have  had some clients skin out the game themselves  and cut the racks and still get nailed full cost even when the people at the taxidermist shop said they will give them a break on the cost—wrong . Then there are the gun fees, sales tax, air freight for the trophies, custom fees, broker fees,  etc.etc.., hell,in some parts of the world I swear they would charge you for the air you breath if they could !. So  when you go, make sure you ask all the questions, use a travel co. So they can go what they do the best like meet and greet at the airport, hotels and all the travel needs and also get all the names, numbers of who,what ,where so if something is not right, you can contact the people there  and then its time go to the taxidermist  like Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC  and talk to them. We will answer all of those quetions and if we can’t, we will find them out for you and we will also give you the hunting pack which will have most of those questions answered plus all shipping tags for your trophies-2per critter so when they contact you from over there and ask what you want to do with these animals, you can say what you said when you dropped them off–ship them to the addresses on the tags and do nothing else !! (that is a famous line for some taxidermist ). So ask, ask and ask some more for there are always hidden cost and if it’s small things or just bad luck, then that’s just the way it goes but it’s better to be somewhat prepared. So save a little more money cuz you will be needing it.

Posted on: Saturday, June 23, 2012

Your at a sports show or at the dinner of a sportsmen assc. like SCI and the auction is full of trips, hunting  and fishing  for everywhere in the world and you are starting to think I should bid on some of these. Before you start the bidding you should do some research. If you are — for example–at the convention of SCI you can go over to the booth of the donor and start asking some questions and reality talk to them,  ask them who,what,etc and some references are a must. Do the research.  And then check the price of getting there , motels , customs, and the taxidermy  rates.  Here are Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC we have clients get a hold of us before they book and some after they already booked,  so they can get a info pack which includes rates,broker,custom info ,shipping tags and lots of others info and to talk over all the questions they have on that type of adventure. Chances are I have heard from all type of hunters that have gone on the same type of hunt that you are calling on so I can give you some great tips and if I cannot,I know someone that can help, so never forget to call the taxidermist . Call Capp’s Taxidermy Studio llc.For an example, I talked to a client the other day that just returned from a hunt in Africa and was wondering now what to do concerning when and where his trophies were coming into.One great tip -do all this before you go and you will know whats going on all the way, one less worry. Same goes for the local dinner auction,check it all out and do not listen to the people trying sell it unless they have been there. Just do not drink too much and end up buying something that is way to much money for if you resell it, you will not get anywhere close to what you paid for it. At the big shows, most all booths have a show special that must be bought before the show ends and most of all those trips are legit and are great valve. I have had some clients book these types of trips and they were all great adventures, harvesting some great critters but they all did their homework and rechecked everything they needed to. All I’m saying here is that there are some great adventures out there but you have to go looking for them, check out some hunting consultants- their sites and call them, go to the big shows-its a great way to get out of dodge and have fun ,and go to some of the local chapters of the sportsmen org. when they are having their yearly fundraiser dinners. Just remember the most important thing–do not bid unless you know all the in and outs…Have fun.

Posted on: Saturday, May 19, 2012

You must improvise a lot in live. At Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC , we must improvise every day .Thinking on your feet.  Every time we do a life mount , we must improvise by make the form fit the skin, by altering the way the form is to meet the standard of the client . You are only limited to the way you think. For example, you are mounting up a impala and you ordered the form to the dry measurements of the tan,ordered the glass eyes,etc.. When you are done prepping the form and the skin you noticed that the earliners are the wrong size and now you must make your own, you can do a bondo ear which is fine for bison or hogs but not for a thin ear impala so that means that you must use the real liner as a guide and make a pair out of h-form which is plastic with a cloth sides which I make a lot of custom liners out of. so you make one,try it,trim it,re do it, etc.., until it fits perfect. then the form is too long in the face so you cut some off and reattach the nose piece or fill with foam and then sand to fit and so on–that is what everyday at the studio is,esp. if you are doing life mounts. Then you are basically  remaking the form that you just spend hundred’s on. On fish you must do it a lot, the fins are not perfect so you are fixing them,etc..Same with live in general, you cannot make this so you make that, the road is down so you must find another way to your destination . its a way of live here for me . So if this studio is to stay professional then we must improvise to please the clients and myself.

Posted on: Monday, April 23, 2012

US Custom now has a war on American hunters . They are making up rules as they go. They are seizing legally taken African/world game that requires a CITIES permit to enter this country. Take for an example ,leopards that are taken legally with the quotas in the country of origin are seal by their wildlife dept. with the right paperwork but now the custom ports are saying that must have the number in quota that they were taken–5 of 300, etc, and not telling the country of origin that they must now have this on the seals. Each port has their own rules it seams .The head of the USFG has promised to fix this big problem but as of Feb. at the SCI meeting in Vegas has failed to do this but promised to get around to it someday. So when  hunters wants to go to Africa to hunt, hopefully they do not want a CITIES permit animal but if they do they all must first get a SP 50 forms for their firearms and send it in to US Customs and then if they are sure that they are hunting a CITIES critter that must apply form 3-177 at least 3 months  before going over or if not sure then apply after you come home  for you only have 1 yr to have your trophy shipped into customs before the permit is no good and they are not allowing any more shipments to be exported and then imported again and no more 30 day grace period and so your shipment will be seized. I only trust a few US custom ports ,(they are not all the same cuz of the personnel ) they are -so far – friendly to the hunters and will work with the custom brokers that my studio--Capp’s Taxidermy Studio LLC  uses and if they are in need of a USDA I have them shipped to one of the tanneries I use by that port. All of this is in my international hunting packet that is given to hunters that are using my studio for their taxidermy. So if you are going,call or email and find out the good and the bad about the trip and shipping home your trophies.

Posted on: Thursday, April 19, 2012
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