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All shipments must be properly preserved and salted. All frozen shipments must be shipped by air.

Visit Capp's blog article for details on shipping within North America

Before shipping, please contact Capp's Taxidermy Studio LLC, so we know your shipment is being sent and we can look for its arrival.

When Shipping, enclose the following along with your trophy:

Remember to always obey all game laws and federal regulations.

TROPHIES FROM OUTSIDE THE U.S. (Africa, Asia, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

When shipping trophies from outside the U.S., we recommend that you contact Capp's Taxidermy Studio PRIOR to your hunt. We will provide you with laminated I.D. tags which, you can attach to the hide and horns of each of your trophies, plus a complete hunting packet with important information on CITIES, traveling, etc...

We will also provide you with detailed shipping instructions for getting your trophies shipped to our studio. In these instructions we will provide the name and address of the company we use to clear shipments through Customs and Capp's Taxidermy Studio LLC is a USDA approved establishment, so we will clear your orders at the studio.

It doesn't cost any more to ship out of a small city in Montana than a big city. Plus, no mass confusion from the big city or state sales tax.

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We can arrange shipping your North American or African wildlife from their source to our taxidermy studio. We will assist you every step of the way! We will clear customs on your behalf. No sales tax in Montana!